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Music History Today: April 23, 2023

April 23, 1991: Michael Bolton released "Time, Love and Tenderness."
"Time, Love and Tenderness" was written by Diane Warren, one of the most successful songwriters of her era. She also wrote Michael Bolton's "When I'm Back On My Feet Again," a hit from his previous album.

Michael Bolton Time, Love and Tenderness 
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According to the Billboard Book of #1 Adult Contemporary Hits, when she wrote the song, she thought it would be perfect for Bolton, who loved it when she played it for him. It ended up being the last song he recorded for the album and also the title track. 
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April 23, 1961: Judy Garland's performed at Carnegie Hall. The live LP, Judy at Carnegie Hall, made Garland the first woman to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. 

Judy Garland's at Carnegie Hall poster
April 23, 1966: The Swingin' Medallions entered Billboard's Hot 100 with "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)." The track peaked at Number 17, despite being banned on many radio stations due to lines referring to drinking and sex: "worst hangover I ever had" and "she loved me so hard."

April 23, 1971: The Rolling Stones released their classic album Sticky Fingers in the UK.
Sticky Fingers is where the myth met the songwriting; Keith Richards' riffs and melodies were in full flower, Mick Jagger never sang better, their new guitarist, Mick Taylor was upping the ante musically, and the whole thing was wrapped up in a brilliant packaging concept by Andy Warhol.

The Rolling Stones  Sticky Fingers  album cover art 

"Brown Sugar" launches the record with its quintessential blues-rock riff and lyrics that get more questionable the closer you listen. Jagger has since said it was a bit of a wind-up, "all the nasty subjects in one go." 
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April 23, 1983: Kajagoogoo entered Billboard's Hot 100 with "Too Shy." 
"Too Shy" finds lead singer Chris Hamill (who goes by "Limahl") trying to convince a girl to open up to him. It was Kajagoogoo's first single and a massive hit in their native UK. In America, MTV launched in August 1981. Many British bands with fascinating looks had some success in America simply because they had videos. Some of these acts, like Duran Duran, had staying power, but others, like Taco, were one-hit wonders in America. Kajagoogoo is very much in the latter category. 
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Time, Love, and Tenderness
Michael Bolton

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