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Music History Today: April 22, 2023

April 22, 1972: Deep Purple scored their second UK Number 1 album with Machine Head.

Musically,  Machine Head strikes the perfect balance between accessible hard rock and instrumental jams. "Highway Star" kicks off the album, taking the traditional Beach Boys' subject matter of cars and girls to a new sonic level.

Deep Purple Machine Head album cover
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One of the most popular songs by the band, "Smoke On the Water," also contains one of the most famous riffs in rock history. The music has some frantic riffing during the chorus. The song leaves the listener begging for more as it fades out to finish the album. 
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April 22, 1958: Jerry Lee Lewis arrived in London with his new bride, 14-year-old third cousin Myra. This was not well-received, and the tour was canceled after only three of 37 scheduled performances.

Jerry Lee Lewis arrived in London with his new bride, 14-year-old third cousin Myra
Jerry Lee Lewis and his 14-year-old third cousin Myra

April 22, 1967: Tommy James and the Shondells topped out at Number 4 on the US singles chart with "I Think We're Alone Now."
"I Think We're Alone Now" uses hard-driving arrangements for its two verses, both fiercely performed so as to convey a sense of urgency. However, the refrain (performed twice) is almost whispered and followed by a sound effect of crickets chirping, giving an atmosphere of forbidden activities that are deliberately kept hidden. The fade-out uses the lyrics of the refrain, but this time, the hard-driving arrangements are resumed. 
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April 22, 1989: Madonna started a three-week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with "Like A Prayer." 
"Like A Prayer" was the first song by a major artist to be used in a commercial before being released to stores or radio stations. The commercial was promoted in a 30-second spot that aired during the Grammy Awards on February 22, 1989.

Madonna Like a Prayer photoshoot
Madonna Like a Prayer photoshoot

On March 2, it aired on prime-time television worldwide, including in America, where it was seen on The Cosby Show. The Pepsi people claimed that 250 million viewers saw the ad and that they were the younger generation's choice. The song was released the next day and instantly added to radio playlists worldwide. 
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April 22, 2001: The movie Shrek premiered at the Mann Village Theatre, featuring a cover of Neil Diamond's "I'm a Believer" by Smash Mouth

Space Truckin'
Deep Purple

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