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Music History Today: June 30, 2020

June 30, 1977: KISS released the album "Love Guns."
Love Gun, the sixth studio album and pinnacle of Kiss's first golden era, was released on June 30, 1977.  It marked a pair of turning points for the band. 

Desktop Wallpaper  KISS
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Gene Simmons Cellphone Wallpaper
This was the last record to feature their original lineup – Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley – performing together on every song. Love Gun was also issued at the high point of the band's commercial success. 
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June 30, 1977: Marvel Comics issued the first of two comic books based on the costumed characters of the group KISS. 
Was blood from the band members mixed the red ink used to print the KISS comic book? 

First Issue KISS Comic 

 First Issue KISS Comic

"As the KISS comic book project moved along, someone came up with the idea of putting real blood in the ink. It wasn’t me — maybe it was Bill [Aucoin] or Sean [Delaney]. We got into a DC3, one of those big prop planes, and flew up to Buffalo to Marvel’s printing plant, where they pour the ink and make comic books. A notary public actually witnessed the blood being drawn." 
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June 30, 1971:  Creedence Clearwater Revival released the single "Sweet Hitch-Hiker" on Fantasy Records.
"Sweet Hitch-Hiker" b/w "Door To Door" was the second single Creedence Clearwater Revival released in 1971 and the first recorded as a trio .
Creedence Clearwater Revival Mardi Gras album cover 
Both single cuts ended up to the Mardi Gras album one year later. "Sweet Hitch-Hiker" peaked at #6 in the USA, #36 in the UK and #6 in Germany.   
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June 30, 1971: Paul Revere & The Raiders received a Gold record for their only US Number 1 hit, "Indian Reservation."  
“Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian)” is not a sincere political screed about Native American genocide. It is pop-music gimmickry, written by a hit-chasing fabulist. 

Paul Revere & the Raiders color publicity  photo
Paul Revere & the Raiders 

The first version of “Indian Reservation” came out in 1959. Loudermilk gave his song to Marvin Rainwater, a country singer who was one quarter Cherokee and who would wear Indian-themed costumes onstage.  
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June 30, 1979:  Donna Summer held the Number 2 and Number 3 positions on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with "Hot Stuff" and "Bad Girls." 
Donna Summer is the Queen of Disco. Within a genre that sprouted anonymous voices, Summer, who died on May 17, 2012, was prolific, versatile, and determined.  

Donna Summer
Donna Summer

Pushing boundaries, she symbolized a time that her work transcended. Her influence, from Madonna to Beyonce, from the invention of the twelve-inch to the whole of modern EDM, is immeasurable.   
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June 30, 1984:  Sports by Huey Lewis & the News became the new Number 1 album, interrupting the "Soundtrack to Footloose" 10-week run.
In the summer of 1983, Huey Lewis and the News were just another mildly successful rock band with a couple of mid-sized hits to their name. One year later, they were on top of the album charts, all over Top 40 radio and in heavy rotation on MTV. The catalyst for this massive surge in popularity? Sports. 
Sports by Huey Lewis & the News album cover
Sports album cover
Released on Sept. 15, 1983, the band's third LP was one of the biggest records of 1984: In fact, it would have been the year's overall best seller if not for a little thing called Michael Jackson's Thriller.  
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June 30, 1992: Boyz II Men released the single "End Of The Road."
"End of the Road" achieved overwhelming domestic and international success. Also it is considered one of the most successful songs of all time.   In the United States, "End of the Road" spent a then record breaking 13 weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, a record broken later in the year by Whitney Houston's 14-week number one hit "I Will Always Love You"."
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