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Music History Today: November 29, 2022

November 29, 1986: Billy Vera & The Beaters moved up Billboard's Hot 100, from Number 69 to 50, with "At This Moment."

Billy Vera & The Beaters released "At This Moment" in 1981. It stalled at Number 79 on the charts.

Billy Vera & The Beaters "At This Moment"
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The song was revived when it was used in three episodes of the hit TV show Family Ties in 1985 and 1986, as a backdrop for romantic interludes between Alex P. Keaton (played by Michael J. Fox) and Ellen Reed (played by Tracy Pollan, who became Fox's wife in real life).  
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November 29, 1969: Crow entered the top 40 section of Billboard's Hot 100 with "Evil Woman Don't Play Your Games with Me." 

Crow was a Blues-Rock group from Minneapolis originally known as South 40. After changing their name and landing a record deal in 1969, they released three albums before breaking up in 1972. Their first album, Crow Music, contained "Evil Woman...." With the lyrics, "You want me to claim this child you bore, but I know that it was he, not me," we learn that this is a very evil woman indeed. 
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November 29, 1975: War made it to Number 7 in the US with "Low Rider."
A low rider is a car, and also a culture. "Low Riders" are modified with hydraulic lifts that allow the driver to lower each wheel and make the car bounce. The culture formed around these cars is big in the Southwestern US, and popular in Latino culture. Most of War's grew up in Southern California and were immersed in low rider culture. 
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November 29, 1980: Boz Scaggs' cover of "Miss Sun" debuted on the US music chart at Number 87.
"Miss Sun" that got Toto a record deal, but it was Boz Scaggs who ended up recording it. In 1977, David Paich wrote it and teamed up with fellow session musicians Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather and David Hungate to record it as a demo. They landed a deal with Columbia Records, When they released their first album in 1978, "Miss Sun" didn't make the cut. 
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November 29, 2003: Three Days Grace entered Billboard Hot 100 with "(I Hate) Everything About You." 
"(I Hate) Everything About You" is about a love-hate kind of relationship, about ambivalence. You totally hate everything about someone, but at the same time, you don't know why, but you love them. 
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"At This Moment"
Billy Vera & The Beaters

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