Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Music History Today: June 24, 2021

June 24,  1995: Pulse, a live album from Pink Floyd, debuted at Number 1 on the LP chart.

Pink Floyd claim they had no intention of recording another live album when they began the Division Bell tour, but performing The Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety convinced the group to release another double-live set, called Pulse.

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There's no question that the group is comprised of talented musicians, including the number of studio professionals that augmented the trio on tour. Whether they're inspired musicians is up to debate. 
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June 24, 1967: "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" by Spanky & Our Gang peaked on the US music chart at Number 9.

 "Sunday Will Never Be the Same" by Spanky and Our Gang comes from their self-titled debut album.

Spanky and Our Gang
Spanky & Our Gang

It was written by Terry Cashman and Gene Pistilli and borrows an interlude from the French carol “Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes”.  As with most of the band’s hit singles, producer Jerry Ross used a group of session musicians to provide the instrumental backing track while the rest of the group members provided lead and background vocals. 
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June 24, 1972:  Troglodyte (Cave Man) by The Jimmy Castor Bunch peaked at Number 6 in the US.

"Troglodyte (Cave Man)" was originally released as "Troglodite." A character introduced in the song, Bertha Butt ("one of the Butt Sisters"), was featured in many later Castor Bunch songs, including "The Bertha Butt Boogie."  
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June 24, 1978: "Love is Like Oxygen" by Sweet made it to Number 8 on the US music chart.

"Love Is Like Oxygen" by the British band Sweet was co-written by the group's guitarist Andy Scott and Trevor Griffin, a musician who had played with various unsuccessful bands before becoming a roadie and sound engineer.


The song was a departure from earlier recordings by Sweet, which were more guitar-driven and featured high vocal harmonies. The extended album version of the song (6 minutes 57 seconds), which appeared on their album Level Headed, incorporates strings and has some disco elements. 

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June 24, 1997: Sugar Ray released the album Floored, which includes their hit "Fly."

Sugar Ray's second album, Floored, is a noticeable improvement from Lemonade and Brownies. 

Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray
Mark McGrath

The group's fusion of metal, funk, reggae, and rap is seamless and confident, partially because Sugar Ray now emphasize the groove, not the guitars. The group still has difficulty writing a consistent batch of songs, but its hooks are stronger than ever, as evidenced by the single "Fly," which features a cameo from Super Cat. 
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Learning to Fly
Pink Floyd 

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