Thursday, June 24, 2021

Music History Today: June 25, 2021

June 25, 1971: The movie Shaft was released.

The MGM film "Shaft" starred Richard Roundtree as a new kind of hero, private detective John Shaft. Made for a reported budget of $1 million, it grossed anything up to ten times that amount. 

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That total was helped no end by the contribution of a master songwriter, artist and Black music figurehead. Isaac Hayes’ soundtrack to Shaft entered the US chart a few weeks after the film’s release.

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June 25, 1961: Elvis Presley recorded "Little Sister" at RCA Studio B in Nashville.

The lyrics to “Little Sister” were penned by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. The song is all about the narrator trying to get with his ex-girlfriend’s sister.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Well, I dated your big sister
And took her to a show
I went for some candy
Along came Jim Dandy
And they snuck right out of the door

Dating the big sister was a mess, he was cheated on and so he went after the younger sister. But he was asking the little sister to not turn like her big sister, running away from him with another man. 

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June 25, 1966: "Paperback Writer" by The Beatles topped the US Billboard music chart.

There are a few stories about “Paperback Writer,” and I’d like to imagine that they’re all true. 

The Beatles 1966
The Beatles 1966

One story is that Paul McCartney’s aunt had dared him to write a song about something other than love. Another story is that McCartney wrote it after reading a Daily Mail story on Martin Amis. Still another, really more theoretical, is that he wrote it partly as a shot at his bandmate John Lennon, who’d written a couple of books at that point. 

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June 25, 1971: The Who released the single "Won't Get Fooled Again." 

One of The Who‘s finest-ever moments, ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again,’ appeared as a UK single on 25 June 1971. 

The Who, "Who's Next" album cover
The Who, "Who's Next" album cover

It was a preview of what became, for many, their greatest album, Who’s Next. With Roger Daltrey‘s magnificent vocals, it’s one of rock’s great anthems and sounds as great today as it ever did.

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June 25, 1993: The movie Sleepless In Seattle premiered, spawned a hit soundtrack, and renewed interest in standards.

Sleepless in Seattle is a 1993 American romantic comedy film directed and co-written by Nora Ephron, based on a story by Jeff Arch. It stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

The film was originally to have been scored by John Barry, but when given a list of twenty songs he had to put in the film, he quit. The film was ultimately scored by Marc Shaiman. 

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Makin' Whoopee!
Dr. John & Rickie Lee Jones 

Isaac Hayes

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