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Music History Today: October 16, 2020

October 16, 1976: Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key Of Life hits number 1on the album charts.

The album "Songs in the Key of Life," — two LPs plus an additional four-song EP — was the culmination of a historic period of creativity, a concentrated burst of music matched only by a handful of artists. 

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Its ambition and scope were unprecedented, its power and resonance were timeless—and when it was done, Stevie Wonder never approached its caliber or impact again.  
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 October 16, 1951: Johnnie Ray records "Cry."

One of the greatest of the transition singers between the crooners and the rockers, Johnnie Ray was the only son of Elmer and Hazel Ray. At age 25 he became an American sensation. 

Johnny Ray

The following year, during his first concert tour of the United Kingdom, Ray started attracting mobs of young people who rioted in front of him. Ray's early songs, such as the 1952 45 RPM record, "Cry" / "The Little White Cloud That Cried," were major successes.
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October 16, 1968: Jay & the Americans record "This Magic Moment."

"This Magic Moment" was originally recorded Ben E. King and the Drifters. The Drifters version spent 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached No. 16 on April 2, 1960.

Jay and the Americans

 In 1968, Jay and the Americans released a version of the song, which became the song's most widely successful release. Their version spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 6 on March 1, 1969. 
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October 16, 1972: The members of one of the greatest groups in history, Creedence Clearwater Revival, announced they were breaking up.

Creedence Clearwater Revival were one of the most influential rock groups of their generation, even though their recording career together lasted a brief four years. Their breakup was announced on Oct. 16, 1972.

Few groups have produced so much important work in such a short period of time – or suffered so much internal pressure. Beginning with "Suzie Q" in 1968, in an almost mind-boggling burst of activity CCR delivered a string of singles over the next few years that included "Proud Mary," "Born on the Bayou," "Down on the Corner," "Fortunate Son" and many more. 
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October 16, 1977: John Mayer is born in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

John Mayer launched his music career in the late 1990s. In 2001, he released the album Room for Squares, and two years later he debuted Heavier Things. 

John Mayer
Both efforts were commercially successful, multi-platinum albums that spawned several hits, including Grammy-winning songs like "Your Body Is a Wonderland" and "Daughters." 
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