Thursday, June 22, 2023

Music History Today: June 23, 2023

June 23, 1973: George Harrison's album Living in the Material World took over at Number 1 on Billboard's Hot 200, replacing Red Rose Speedway by Paul McCartney & Wings.
Living in the Material World was George Harrisson's second US chart-topper.

George Harrison Living in the Material World album cover
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The follow-up to the 1970s critically acclaimed All Things Must Pass was among the most highly anticipated releases that year. The album was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America two days after release and produced the international hit "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)."  
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June 23, 1959: Eddie Cochran recorded "Somethin' Else."
Eddie Cochran's brother, Bob Cochran, wrote "Somethin' Else" with Sharon Sheeley, who became Eddie's girlfriend. There weren't many female songwriters, but Sheeley's first effort, "Poor Little Fool," became a Number 1 hit for Ricky Nelson. She met Eddie when she asked him to record one of her songs. On April 17, 1960, Eddie Cochran was killed in a car accident at age 21. Sheeley and Gene Vincent were injured in the car in the crash. 
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June 23, 1980: Pink Floyd released "Comfortably Numb" from their LP, The Wall.
Pink Floyd's LP, The Wall, is a concept album. The storyline follows the protagonist (Pink) who builds a metaphorical wall around himself when his father dies in World War II. Within the wall, he embarks on an emotional journey into the past. But, his journey is interrupted when his management breaks into his hotel room. Along with Pink's management is a doctor who suddenly injects Pink with a drug. The drug counteracts his already drug-induced state to ensure that Pink can perform at a concert later in the evening. 
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June 23, 1994: Forrest Gump premiered in Los Angeles, California. The soundtrack was released five days later.
The soundtrack to Forrest Gump contains music from many well-known American artists. It jumped from number 34 to 7 on the Billboard 200 albums chart on July 30, 1994.

Forrest Gump movie poster

The following week on August 6, 1994, it moved from number 7 to 3, staying there for one week. It reached its peak position of number 2 on the chart on August 13, 1994, staying there for seven weeks until September 17, 1994, when the soundtrack of The Lion King displaced it. 
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Give Me Love
(Give Me Peace on Earth)
George Harrison

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