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Music History Today: April 27, 2023

April 27, 1984: Twisted Sister released the single "We're Not Gonna Take It."
Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going to Take It" is an anthem for anyone lashing out at an authority figure and ready to put up a fight. The music video features Mark Metcalf, who played Neidermeyer in the 1978 movie Animal House.

Twisted Sister front-man Dee Snider
Dee Snider

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He said in the book I Want My MTV: "Atlantic Records had signed a Long Island band they didn't know what to do with, Twisted Sister. They had a song, 'We're Not Gonna Take It,' and because of my comedy and music background, they seemed like the perfect hybrid for me." 
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April 27, 1957: Ricky Nelson's first record, "Teenager's Romance," was released. The song reached Number 2 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1957 and ranked 25 of the Top 50 songs of 1957.

Ricky Nelson 1957
Ricky Nelson

April 27, 1968: Simon and Garfunkel entered the US singles chart at Number 58 with "Mrs. Robinson."

Simon and Garfunkel
Art Garfunkel & Paul Simon
"Mrs. Robinson" was written by Paul Simon for the movie The Graduate, starring Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson, a middle-aged woman who seduces the much younger Dustin Hoffman. Simon began writing this as "Mrs. Roosevelt" and had just the line, "Here's to you, Mrs. Roosevelt," when he changed it to "Mrs. Robinson" for The Graduate. 
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April 27, 1987: U2 made the cover of Time magazine with the headline "Rock's Hottest Ticket."

U2 on the cover of Time magazine

April 27, 1992: Queensrÿche performed in Los Angeles for MTV Unplugged.

We're Not Gonna Take It
Twisted Sister

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