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Music History Today: April 26, 2023

April 26, 1977: New York's legendary disco, Studio 54, opened for business.

First opened in 1977 by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, Studio 54 was an iconic disco club known for its exclusivity, famous clientele, and attitude towards open club drug use.

Grace Jones at Studio 54
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Amongst some of the club’s most famous patrons were David Bowie, Tina Turner, Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, Dolly Parton, George Michael, Andy Warhol, Robin Williams, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Elton John, and Michael Jackson. Live disco acts like Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Liza Minelli, Dianna Ross, and Gloria Gaynor all graced the club’s brief life. 
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April 26, 1960: Filming for the Elvis Presley movie GI Blues began.

G.I. Blues was Presley's first film since his release from the Army. Before leaving to serve his stint in Germany, Elvis had made four films with the potential for Elvis's dream of becoming a respected actor like his idol, James Dean.

G.I. Blues movie poster

After two years of serving his time for Uncle Sam, for his "comeback" movie, Elvis and his manager Colonel Tom Parker chose a lightweight musical-comedy. It was the blueprint for Elvis' future movie career: lightweight, frilly, frothy musicals with a pretty leading lady. 
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April 26, 1972: Alice Cooper released the single "School's Out."
"School's Out" by Alice Cooper was especially popular in the UK, where it topped the chart for three weeks. Producer Bob Ezrin put together the chorus of children who sing on this. In 1979, Ezrin used another kid's chorus when he produced "Another Brick In The Wall (part II)" for Pink Floyd. He liked the idea of hearing children's voices on songs about school. In this song, they chime in while Cooper is singing the children's rhyme, "No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks." 
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April 26, 1976: Wings At The Speed Of Sound hit Number 1 on the US album chart.
At the Speed of Sound is a full-band effort where everybody gets a chance to sing and even contribute a song. Nobody else in the band pulled as much weight as Paul McCartney, who was resting on his laurels here. Consider this: the two hits "Let 'Em In" and "Silly Love Songs" are so lightweight that their lack of substance seems nearly defiant. 
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April 26, 1989: Martika released "Toy Soldiers," a song about drug addiction and how drugs can control you like children do their toys. Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" has a similar theme.

Studio 54

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