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Music History Today: April 10, 2023

April 10, 1971: John Denver's "Take Me Home Country Roads" hit the Billboard Hot 100. It was his first appearance on the charts.
John Denver wrote "Take Me Home Country Roads" with his friends Bill and Taffy Danoff. After performing with the Danoffs, they went back to the couple's home, where they played John what they had of this song.

John Denver
 John Denver 

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Denver helped them complete the song; the next night, they sang it together on stage. Denver knew he had a hit song on his hands and brought the Danoffs to New York, where they recorded the song together - you can hear Bill and Taffy on background vocals. 
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April 10, 1961: Del Shannon performed "Runaway" on American Bandstand.
Del Shannon and his keyboard player, Max Crook, came up with "Runaway" while they were playing a club in their hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan. Crook played a keyboard called a "Musitron" on the song.  
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April 10, 1965: The Rolling Stones moved into the top 40 section of Billboard's singles chart with "The Last Time." It reached the top 10 on the UK and US charts.

"The Last Time" was inspired by a 1955 gospel song called "This May Be The Last Time" by The Staple Singers. The Rolling Stones changed the meaning of the song. Many gospel fans felt The Stones ripped it off since The Staple Singers never got any royalties from it. Since it is a traditional song (meaning no one owns the rights to it), many artists have recorded it, but The Stones was a very high-profile band that had success reworking songs by black artists into hits. 
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April 10, 1982: The J. Geils Band peaked at Number 4 in the US with "Freeze-Frame."
J. Geils lead singer Peter Wolf and keyboard player Seth Justman wrote "Freeze-Frame." In the '80s, keyboards came into vogue, perfect for Justman. His song "Centerfold" was the first single from the Freeze Frame album, and "Freeze-Frame" was next. 
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Take Me Home Country Roads
John Denver

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