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Music History Today: January 17, 2023

January 17, 1997: Metallica's "King Nothing" video premiered on MTV.
Metallica's "King Nothing"

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In Metallica's music video, "King Nothing" wanders a snowy wasteland, throwing away his crown and then putting on another. By the end of the video, crowns are everywhere, and hundreds of other King Nothings surround him. 
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January 17: 1927: Eartha Kitt was born in a small town in North South Carolina.
Eartha Kitt is best known for her holiday song "Santa Baby" and for playing Catwoman in the 1960s TV show 'Batman.'

Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt 
 Kitt began her career in 1942 and appeared in the 1945 original Broadway theatre production of the musical Carib Song. In the early 1950s, she had six US Top 30 entries, including "Uska Dara" and "I Want to Be Evil." Her last track to make Billboard's charts was "Where Is My Man," a Number 7 hit on the US dance chart. 

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January 17, 1970: Tommy Roe's fifth US Top 10 hit, "Jam Up & Jelly Tight," peaked at Number 8 on Billboard's Hot 100.
Tommy Roe was one of the archetypal bubblegum artists of the late '60s. His initial pop smash, 1962's chart-topping "Sheila," was reminiscent of Holly's "Peggy Sue." But Roe veered off on a bubblegum tangent. His lighthearted "Sweet Pea" and "Hooray for Hazel" burned up the charts in 1966, and he was still at it three years later when he waxed his biggest hit, "Dizzy" and "Jam Up Jelly Tight." 
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January 17, 1976: "Fox On the Run" by Sweet reached Number 5 in the US.

"Fox On the Run" by The Sweet addresses a groupie. She's had more than one go with the band, as Brian Connolly sings that she doesn't look the same. She is probably a bit more worn from her lifestyle. He also makes it clear that he has no interest in hearing her talk and certainly doesn't want to know her name. 
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January 17, 1990: The Fifth Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies were held in New York City. Inductees include Hank Ballard, Bobby Darin, The Four Seasons, The Four Tops, The Kinks, The Platters, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Who.

King Nothing

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