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Music History Today: October 12, 2021

October 12, 1991: Simply Red's fourth album, Stars, reached Number 1 on the UK chart for the first of five times.
Although it doesn't have a single as strong as "Holding Back the Years" or "If You Don't Know Me by Now," Stars is Simply Red's best album since their debut.

Simply Red's fourth album, Stars
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It's smoother and more polished than their previous work, yet Mick Hucknall is singing better than ever and his songwriting is improving. 
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October 12, 1957: Sam Cooke's first single, "You Send Me," entered the US music chart.
Sam Cooke’s decision to turn his attention to pop music in 1957 had tremendous implications in the Black musical community.

Sam Cooke
Sam Cooke

There long had been a taboo against such a move, but Cooke broke the mold. His first hit, the ethereal “You Send Me,” shot to number one on all charts in 1957 and established Cooke as a superstar. 
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October 12, 1978: Sex Pistol Sid Vicious was arrested and charged with murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungeon.
On October 12, 1978, Sid Vicious awoke in his Chelsea Hotel room to find Spungen lying in the bathroom, dead of a stab wound.

Sid Vicious
Sid Vicious

He confessed to the crime and was arrested. Vicious told the story of a dispute over a failure to procure heroin, which escalated into violence and finally the stabbing. Spungen died several hours later. 

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October 12, 1985:  Ricky Wilson of the B-52's died of complications from AIDS. 
The B-52's breakthrough hit, written by Fred Schneider and Ricky Wilson, was "Rock Lobster." Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson's fish noises on this song are an homage to Yoko Ono. 

B-52's "Rock Lobster."

Ono's influence on this song was clear to John Lennon. It inspired him to return to the recording studio after a five-year retirement, resulting in the 1980 album Double Fantasy. 
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October 12, 2002: "Crying At The Dischoteque" by Alcazar debuts on Billboard's Hot 100 Dance Club Songs. It will peak at Number 44.

Simply Red

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