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Music History Today: October 11, 2022

October 11, 2003: Fountains of Wayne's break-out hit, "Stacy's Mom," entered Billboard's Hot 100 at Number 59.
Despite achieving moderate success, Fountains of Wayne had to consider their future after being dropped by Atlantic Records following 1999’s Utopia Parkway.

Fountains of Wayne
Fountains of Wayne

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'Wayne rebranded with 2003’s Welcome Interstate Managers, leaning into radio-friendly pop-rock. The switch in sound worked, most especially with “Stacy’s Mom,” which catapulted them into the mainstream pop realm. 
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October 11, 1967: The Bee Gees scored their first UK Number 1 with "Massachusetts."
The Bee Gees wrote and had their first UK Number 1 with "Massachusetts" in 1967. Some years later, during a chance meeting in London between the Seekers lead singer Judith Durham and Maurice Gibb, Judith learned the song was originally intended for The Seekers.  
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October 11, 1975: Neil Sedaka's comeback continued with his second number one hit of the year, "Bad Blood."
Sedaka wrote this song with Philip Cody, who also helped write his hit "Laughter In The Rain." Elton John sang back-up, which ensured airplay. In an odd coincidence, this song was knocked out of its #1 position by the Elton John song, "Island Girl." 
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October 11, 1980: "Touch and Go," from the Cars' Panorama album, entered the top 40 section of Billboard at Number 39. It peaked a Number 37, the highest of any single from that LP.

October 11, 2004: The Vote for Change tour, in support of John Kerry over George W Bush, wraps up in Washington, DC. with a concert featuring Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, R.E.M., The Dave Matthews Band, Dixie Chicks and James Taylor. 

The Vote for Change 2004 tour poster

Stacy's Mom
Fountains of Wayne

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