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Music History Today: September 18, 2022

September 18, 1970: Jimi Hendrix died in his London apartment, at the age of 27, from an overdose of sleeping pills.

Jimi Hendrix
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September 18, 1965: Freddy Cannon's "Action" moved into the top 40 section of Billboard, from Number 52 to 31, where it peaked.
Written by Tommy Boyce and Steve Venet, Freddy Cannon's "Action" was the theme song to the TV series Where the Action Is. 
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September 18, 1976: Scottish teenage heart-throbs Bay City Rollers moved into Billboard's top 40 section with their cover of "I Only Want to Be with You." 

The Bay City Rollers were a pop phenomenon in the mid-'70s.

Bay City Rollers
Bay City Rollers

Their biggest hits ("Bye, Bye, Baby," "Give a Little Love," "Saturday Night") were pure bubblegum in the tradition of the Partridge Family and Ohio Express, which proved hugely popular with adolescent girls. 
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September 18, 1982: The American rockabilly band, Stray Cats, entered Billboard's Hot 100 with "Rock This Town."

The second single from the Stray Cats released in the UK, "Rock This Town" peaked at Number 9 on their Singles Chart. It was the band's first US release in the US, where it also topped out at Number 9.  
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September 18, 2001: The Canadian jazz pianist Diana Krall released the album The Look of Love.

Diana Krall The Look of Love album cover
The Look of Love released in 2001, is perfect in every way, from the choice of songs and Diana Krall’s superb vocals and perfect piano accompaniment to the delicate and languid Claus Ogerman arrangements, Tommy LiPuma’s exquisite production, right down to the cover art. 
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Purple Haze 
Jimi Hendrix

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