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Music History Today: July 12, 2022

July 12, 1999: David Gray released the single "Babylon" from his album, White Ladder.  

"Babylon," from David Gray's album White Ladder, is about a guy whose girlfriend has left him.

David Gray
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Once he realizes he has allowed fear to block his path to love, he decides he wants her back. Gray, who was 30 years old when the album was released, was married at the time and was writing in character. 
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July 12, 1958: Peggy Lee vaulted into the US Top 40, from Number 74 to 23, with "Fever." 

In July of 1958, nearly 20 years into her career, 38-year-old Peggy Lee scored her 48th Billboard hit with “Fever.”

Peggy Lee
Peggy Lee

Known for her sultry delivery, impeccable timing, and bluesy intonation, Lee had already earned the respect of jazz greats while her commercial hits won her legions of admirers. Versatile and prolific, she has become one of the swing era’s most recognizable voices. 
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July 12, 1969: Roy Clark had a cross-over hit when "Yesterday, When I Was Young" moved from Number 42 to 32.

“Yesterday When I Was Young,” known as “Hier Encore” or “Only Yesterday.” was introduced by French singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour in 1964. Country singer Roy Clark, who had just started his long-running gig as the co-host of Hee Haw, covered the song in 1969 and landed in the Top 10 on the country chart. 
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July 12, 1980: Benny Mardones moved into the US Top with "Into the Night." 

When "Into the Night" became a hit, Benny Mardones suddenly found himself with a great deal of money and fame, which he didn't handle very well.  He developed a cocaine addiction and got in the habit of drinking a bottle of whiskey every night. He recorded the album Too Much To Lose the next year, but when it came time to tour and promote it, he was in Miami, wasted out of his mind. 
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July 12, 1986: The Canadian rock band Glass Tiger broke into Billboard's Hot 100 with their debut single, "Don't Forget Me (When I’m Gone)."

"Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)" was released in 1986 as the lead from Glass Tiger's debut album, The Thin Red Line. The song reached number one in Canada and number two in the United States. The song features backing vocals by fellow Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams. 
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David Gray

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