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Music History Today: March 30, 2022

March 30, 1991: Gloria Estefan takes over at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 chart with the hit "Coming Out of the Dark."

"Coming Out of the Dark" by Gloria Estefan was the first single off the album, Into the Light.

Gloria Estefan
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It became the singer's third number one in the United States and second number one in Canada (solo and with Miami Sound Machine). The first single released after Estefan's accident (an 18-wheeler rammed her tour bus, nearly causing the singer's death) the song is inspired by that event. 
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March 30, 1959: At Number 95, Buddy Holly had a new song, "Raining in My Heart," start its climb up the Billboard single's chart.

"Raining in My Heart," recorded by Buddy Holly and written by Felice Bryant and Boudleaux Bryant, was released as a single on Coral Records in 1959, peaking at number 88 on the Billboard chart as the B-side of "It Doesn't Matter Anymore." This recording was included on Buddy Holly's first "greatest hits" compilation album, The Buddy Holly Story, that was released in March 1959. 
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March 30, 1974: Helen Reddy's cover of "Keep on Singing" entered the American Top 40 chart.

"Keep on Singing" is a 1973 song composed by Danny Janssen and Bobby Hart. Originally recorded by Austin Roberts from the album Austin Roberts, it reached No. 50 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Helen Reddy recorded the song for her 1974 album Love Song for Jeffrey. The lead single from that album, it reached No. 15 on the Billboard's single's chart. 
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March 30, 1985: "Lovergirl" by Teena Marie peaked at Number 4 in the American Top 10 single's chart.

Teena Marie is a Rick James protégé and blue-eyed soul singer who became one of the few female singers in the business to write, arrange and produce her own songs.

Teena Marie
Teena Marie

You can hear the Rick James influence in "Lovegirl," as Marie used her exceptional voice to do a little pseudo-rap at the end of the song and sprinkled some operatic elements throughout the song. Check out James' "Super Freak" and you'll hear some creative vocals and a classical influence that shows up on this track. 
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March 30, 1996: Weird Al Yankovic debuts at Number 65 with the parody "Amish Paradise."

It’s been 26 years since legendary music parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic lampooned the Amish, mentioning Mennonites along the way. Bad Hair Day, Yankovic’s ninth album, was released on this day in 1996.

Weird Al Yankovic album Bad Hair Day

It has sold more than 2 million copies in the United States alone. The lead single, “Amish Paradise”—and the video that accompanied it—parodies the hit rap song “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio as well as the Amish way of life. 
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Coming Out of the Dark
Gloria Estefan

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