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Music History Today: July 25, 2021

July 25, 1987: "Something So Strong" by Crowded House peaks at number 7 on the US music chart.
"Something So Strong," written by Neil Finn and Mitchell Froom and performed by Crowded House, was released as their eponymous debut album's fifth and final single. 
Crowded House:
Crowded House

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The track lends its title to the book, Crowded House: Something So Strong (1997), by Australian biographer Chris Bourke. According to Bourke, "Something So Strong", was the first song written by Finn specifically for Crowded House. However while in the studio, producer, Froom, and Finn reworked parts of the song and as such, Froom is credited as a co-writer." 
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July 25, 1960: The Ventures "Walk Don't Run" enters the US Pop chart and introduces the instrumental Surf sound to Rock 'n' Roll.
Formed in the Seattle, Washington, area in 1958, the Ventures established their own label to market their recordings, and their efforts paid off in 1960 when the single “Walk—Don’t Run” became a hit. In 1964 the song was reworked with a more distinct “surf” sound and again was a success. Although the Ventures became identified as a surf band by featuring tremolo guitar and driving drums and bass. 
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July 25, 1970: The Carpenters "Close To You" topped the Billboard chart and became the first of twenty US Top 40 hits for the brother and sister team. 

 A&M Records co-founder Herb Alpert sent Richard and Karen Carpenter a personal message that had far greater meaning than just a few words on the page. “We’re No.1,” the handwritten note began.

Richard and Karen Carpenter
Karen and Richard Carpenter

While every artist’s No.1 is significant, “Close To You”’s success was a major milestone for more than the usual reasons. First of all, the duo’s first album, Offering, released just seven months earlier, failed to chart at all. And that album’s single, a wistful ballad reimagining of The Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride,” stalled on the Hot 100 at just No.54. So, the Carpenters’ future was anything but certain at A&M. 

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July 25, 1981: Air Supply, the first Australian band to top the Billboard Pop chart, scored their first number 1 song with "The One That You Love." 

Air Supply have only had one #1 hit, but for about four years in the early ’80s, they were consistent monster hitmakers. Air Supply landed eight singles in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, all between 1980 and 1983. They were money in the bank. 

Air Supply
Air Supply

“The One That You Love” came right in the middle of a crazy hot streak; it’s the fourth of seven consecutive top-five singles. Nothing about “The One That You Love” really stands out; it just happens to be the one Air Supply song that went all the way. Graham Russell wrote the song, and the lyrics are just awkwardly banal romantic frippery. 

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July 25, 1992: Tom Cochrane, former lead singer of Red Rider cracked the Top 10 as a solo artist with "Life Is A Highway."
Tom Cochrane is still trying to unpack how the success of "Life Is a Highway" forever changed his career. Topping the Canadian charts for six weeks, the furiously optimistic single burst onto radio in 1991 and helped carry its album Mad Mad World to sales heights reached by few Canadian artists: over a million copies. Even now, Cochrane seems baffled by the trajectory that turned his “manageable success” as frontman of 1980s rock band Red Rider into an entirely different beast. 
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Something So Strong
Crowded House

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