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Music History Today: April 9, 2021

April 9, 1977: ABBA earned their only number 1 hit in the United States when "Dancing Queen" went to the top.

Dancing Queen was the lead single from Abba’s fourth album, Arrival. Released in the summer of 1976, it got to No 1 in 15 countries including the UK (where it stayed at the top for five weeks) and the US. 

It first came to life a year earlier, when Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson were in their tiny songwriting cabin on the Swedish island of Viggsö, trying to craft their own take on early disco. They loved the loose, languid drumbeat of George McCrae’s 1974 hit Rock Your Baby, and used it as an inspiration. 
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April 9, 1966: The Righteous Brothers' "(You're My) Soul And Inspiration" went to Number 1 in America.

The Righteous Brothers had enough of Phil Spector. The great producer had made the California duo famous, and he’d put all his genius into producing tracks like “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” the duo’s breakout hit. And Righteous Brother Bill Medley had learned from watching Spector. So as soon as they got the chance, the Righteous Brothers bolted from Spector’s Phillies imprint and signed with the jazz-centric label Verve instead. 
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April 9, 1973:  Paul McCartney and Wings released the single "My Love" in the United States.  It was released in the U.K. on March 23.

“My Love” is a curious little number. Paul McCartney obviously wrote it about Linda, and she got a co-writing credit. I’ve always wondered how it would feel to sing backup on this song that’s clearly about you.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

There’s no real structure to the song. Instead, it’s a moony, meandering collection of sweet nothings, some of which could’ve used a rewrite: “When the cupboard’s bare, I’ll still find something there with my love.” But McCartney still recorded the thing with a 50-piece orchestra in Abbey Road. 
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April 9, 1977: David Soul had the Number 1 Adult Contemporary song with "Don't Give Up On Us."
Released in 1976 in the UK and 1977 in the US, “Don’t Give Up on Us” was recorded and made popular by American-British singer David Soul. The song was originally written and produced by Tony Macaulay, an English author, composer, and songwriter. In addition, “Don’t Give Up on Us” was Soul’s debut single. 
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April 9, 1979: Supertramp's Breakfast In America album was certified Gold.

They had released five studio albums in seven years with solid results and when work began in April 1978, Supertramp devoted more time to their next album than any other. 

They were nurtured by Jerry Moss, co-founder (and the “M”) of A&M Records. The day after getting married, engineer Peter Henderson flew to Los Angeles to join band members Roger Hodgson, Rick Davies, John Helliwell, Bob Siebenberg and Dougie Thomson to begin working on what was to become Breakfast in America. 
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Dancing Queen

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