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Music History Today: September 12, 2020

September 12, 1989: Aerosmith released 'Pump' their tenth studio album which featured the hit singles: 'Love In An Elevator,' 'The Other Side,' and 'Janie's Got a Gun.'

"Janie's Got a Gun" was the brainchild of singer Steven Tyler, who wrote the initial melody on keyboard, but couldn’t produce the right lyrics to go with it. 
Aerosmith Desktop Wallpaper
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Aerosmith cellphone Aerosmith cellphone wallpaper

“I sat for months, waiting for the oracle door to open,” the singer explained during a 1994 interview with Rolling Stone. “Then I looked over at a Time magazine and saw this article on 48 hours, minute by minute, of handgun deaths in the United States.” 
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September 12, 1966 : ABC-TV's "The Roger Miller Show" premiered.

Roger Miller was a prominent hitmaker in country music, particularly during the mid-1960s. Probably, he was best known for his song “King of the Road” which also became his alias.“ Chug-a-lug” was one of the first two songs that Miller performed during his first session with Smash Records in 1964.

Roger Miller sitting in a chair looking back green backeground
Roger Miller

The company released both songs as singles. “Chug-a-lug” reached No. 3 on the country chart while peaking at No. 9 on Billboard Hot 100. The other song, “Dang Me” was even more successful becoming Miller’s first top country hit and first Top 10 pop song.
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September 12, 1966: The Monkees TV show premiered on NBC.

The first episode of the Monkees premiered on NBC on September 12, 1966. 

The Monkees publicity photo
The Monkees

The show would always premier on Monday nights at 7:30 right after I Dream of Jenine. The show would compete against The Iron Horse on ABC and Gilligan’s Island on CBS.
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September 12,  1975: Pink Floyd release the album Wish You Were Here.

Though they gave life to one of Pink Floyd's best-loved albums, the sessions which eventually birthed the band's ninth studio album, Wish You Were Here, have since become known as one of the most haunting episodes of Pink Floyd’s career.

“I remember going in, and Roger was already in the studio working,” said Richard Wright. “I came in and sat next to Roger. After 10 minutes he said to me: ‘Do you know who that guy is?’ I said: ‘I have no idea. I assumed it was a friend of yours.’ And suddenly I realized it was Syd.”  
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September 12,  2000: Barenaked Ladies release their fifth studio album, Maroon.

September 14, 2000 -- "Pinch Me," the first single from the Barenaked Ladies' new album, Maroon, is certainly proving a successful introduction for the CD, which hit stores Tuesday. Not bad for a song that almost didn't come to be.

Bare Naked Ladies Maroon album cover

BNL's Ed Robertson, who sings lead and co-wrote "Pinch Me" with bandmate Steven Page, says the song was the last one written for Maroon, even though it was gestating for some time before he finished it. 
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Janie's Got a Gun

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