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Music History Today: August 4, 2020

August 4, 1965: Bob Dylan recorded "Desolation Row" and "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues."
Bob Dylan‘s second album of 1965, Highway 61 Revisited, would be a historic break: For the first time, none of the tracks would feature just him and his guitar. 
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On May 10th, Dylan finished the brief tour of England – eight all-acoustic shows – chronicled in D.A. Pennebaker’s documentary Don’t Look Back. By now, he was bored playing his old songs as he’d recorded them.  
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August 4, 1901: Jazz singer and trumpeter Louis Armstrong is born in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Louis Armstrong was a superstar, long before Andy Warhol popularized the phrase. Pops visited more countries around the world than any of his contemporaries, at a time when foreign travel by musicians was headline news.
Louis Armstrong
The fact that Louis Armstrong was a jazz-man makes his achievements remarkable. As a black man – very definitely born on the wrong side of the tracks – it makes his achievements unique. 
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August 4, 1964: The Kinks release "You Really Got Me" in the UK. 
With a pair of unsuccessful singles under their belt and the label breathing down their necks for a hit, the Kinks entered the studio in the summer of 1964 knowing they needed to make their next record count. They pulled it off in a big way with "You Really Got Me." which made its U.K. debut on Aug. 4, 1964. 
The Kinks: Ray Davies, Mick Avory,
Dave Davies and Pete Quaife
The United Kingdom 1966
The song was an immediate sensation, shooting up the charts and claiming the top spot for two weeks in September. While it didn't reach quite as high in other countries, "You Really Got Me" was a huge worldwide hit, making the Top 40 in Germany, Italy and France, and breaking into the Top 10 in Ireland, Canada and the U.S. 
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August 4, 1980:  Boz Scaggs released the single "Look What You've Done to Me."
This song features the Eagles on background vocals and instrumentation by Don Felder on guitar and members of Toto and David Foster on keyboards. Two versions of the song were released. 
Bo Scaggs
The more widely available version of the song places more emphasis on the Eagles' background vocals. The version as heard in the Urban Cowboy film replaces the Eagles' vocals with a female chorus.  
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August 4, 1990: Billy Idol's song, "Cradle Of Love," peaked at Number 2 on the Hot Billboard 100 chart.
On Feb. 6, 1990, Idol was riding his motorcycle through Hollywood around 8:30 in the morning when he ran a stop sign and collided with a car. The singer was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent seven hours of surgery to repair a fractured forearm and broken right leg. 
Billy Idol

Idol was still on the long road to recovery around the time his song “Cradle of Love” was set for release in May. Naturally, the record label wanted a music video to help promote the track. As luck would have it, David Fincher had already reached out to the musician’s manager and expressed an interest in working with Idol. 
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Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Bob Dylan

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