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Music History Today: June 6, 2020

June 6, 1960: Roy Orbison's "Only the Lonely" was released in the US, where it would reach Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

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Orbison’s third Monument single, “Only the Lonely,” began a string of lushly arranged, inventively structured pop ballads: “Running Scared,” for instance, was a rock & roll bolero that slowly built to a pitch of lover’s paranoia before its dramatic, happy ending.
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June 6, 1966: The Beatles recorded "Eleanor Rigby."
There are conflicting stories of how McCartney came up with the name for the title character. According to McCartney, he combined the first name of Eleanor Bron, the lead actress in Help!, with a last name taken from a sign he had seen in Bristol for Rigby & Evans Ltd, Wine & Spirit Shippers. 
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June 6, 1968:  The Rolling Stones added new lyrics to their upcoming song "Sympathy For The Devil" following the assassination of Robert Kennedy the day before.
Over the last 50 years the Jagger/Richards songwriting partnership has produced some of the most controversial yet innovative Rock N Roll songs, which have had a massive impact on society. However, when The Rolling Stones released “Sympathy For The Devil” all hell broke lose as Mick Jagger literally sings in first person as the devil. 
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June 6, 1978:  The Cars released their debut album, "Just What I Needed."

When The Cars debuted with their first album in 1978, they didn’t anticipate their effect in pioneering the new wave movement. One of their most longstanding singles is “Just What I Needed”, which also came with the debut catalog of the band.
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June 6, 1982:  A new Australian group, Men at Work, released their first single, "Who Can It Be Now," from the "Business as Usual" album.
Around 1979, lead vocalist Colin Hay wrote the music for "Who Can It Be Now" in a tree house he and his girlfriend made in Bermagui, New South Wales. 
The lyrics would not come until 1981, when Hay was living in an apartment complex in St Kilda, Victoria. He lived next to drug dealers, and people would often confuse Hay's apartment for the dealers'. 
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Only the Lonely
Roy Orbison

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