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Music History Today: May 3, 2023

May 3, 1988: Queensrÿche released Operation: Mindcrime.
A concept album, Operation: Mindcrime was a quantum leap from the band's 1986 album Rage for Order. They told a story involving conspiracy theorists, assassins, drugs, a corrupt priest, and several clever plot twists.

Queensrÿche Operation: Mindcrime album cover

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As innovative as Operation: Mindcrime remains, it wasn’t an immediate success, debuting at number 50 on the Billboard album chart and taking a whole year to go gold at a time when many commercial metal bands were going multi-platinum. 
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May 3, 1958: Link Wray and His Ray Men entered the Top 40 section of Billboard's Hot 100 with "Rumble." 
Link Wray came up with "Rumble" when he was asked to play a stroll at one of his shows. The song introduced gritty guitar distortion and power chords to the rock world. Wray used a 1953 Gibson Les Paul guitar run through a Premier amp to produce this song. Pete Townshend said about Wray, "If it hadn't been for "Rumble," I would have never picked up a guitar." The song was honored at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. 
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May 3, 1975: Chicago's LP Chicago VIII hit Number 1 on Billboard's Hot 200 Albums chart.
Chicago began tinkering with their formula onChicago VIII. Peter Cetera, Terry Kath, and James Pankow penned most of the album. The jazz tinges appeared less often, replaced by brassy R&B. "Old Days" provided the band with the only hit song from the record. 
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May 3, 1986: "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer captured the top spot on the American Top 40 chart.

"Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer recorded "Addicted to Love" as a duet with Chaka Khan. Her label, Warner Brothers Records, would not allow her voice to be used on the record, so he had to erase her part and re-record her high notes before releasing it. Khan did appear on Steve Winwood's "Higher Love," which beat out "Addicted to Love" for the 1987 Record of the Year Grammy. 
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May 3, 2003: Jason Mraz entered Billboard's Hot 100 with "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)."
Jason Mraz wrote "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" for a friend of his who had just been diagnosed with cancer, which explains the lyrics, "We will cure this dirty old disease." The song is about not letting life get you down no matter what happens and that you shouldn't waste your energy worrying all the time, especially if you may not have very long to live. 
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I Don't Believe In Love

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