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Music History Today: May 10, 2023

May 10, 2008: "Leavin'," the lead single from Jesse McCartney's album Departure, debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 at Number 14 with "Leavin'." It peaked at 10.

Jesse McCartney
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May 10, 1946: Scottish singer/songwriter Donovan was born in Maryhill, Glasgow.

In the mid-'60s, Donovan was anointed "Britain's answer to Bob Dylan."


In 1966 he released his breakthrough album, Sunshine Superman. The title track topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, with the enigmatic "Mellow Yellow" reaching the number two spot a few months later. 
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May 10, 1969: "Get Back" by The Beatles entered the US singles chart at Number 10 on its way to the top.

"Get Back" was going to be the album title and the documentary film about making it. The concept was The Beatles "getting back" to their roots and playing new songs for a live audience without any studio tricks. Phil Spector was brought in to produce the LP, which was re-titled Let It Be. Spector took the tapes and added orchestrations using his "Wall Of Sound" technique. The record, which was supposed to be the raw sound of The Beatles returning to their roots, was released as a highly produced swan song after they broke up. 
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May 10, 1986: Simply Red moved into the top 40 section of Billboard with "Holding Back the Years."
Simply Red's frontman Mick Hucknall was nicknamed "Red" because of his red hair. Hucknall wrote this song in his bedroom at his father's house when he was 17.

Simply Red Holding Back the Years

He originally recorded it in 1982 with his punk group, The Frantic Elevators. Keyboardist and trumpeter Tim Kellett took inspiration from Miles Davis's Kind of Blue album for his trumpet solo. 
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May 10, 1997: Tony! Toni! Tone! entered the US chart at Number 44 with "Thinking of You." It reached 22.

Jesse McCartney

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