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Music History Today: April 1, 2023

April 1, 1998: Goo Goo Dolls released "Iris" from the City of Angels movie.

For most of 1998, the Hot 100 chart stipulated that a song be sold as a single to be eligible. Many record labels refused to sell specific singles in America, so folks would have to buy the album to get the song.

City of Angels movie poster
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Promotional singles were sent to radio stations, which dutifully played. Billboard's Airplay chart kept track of radio play. August 1, 1998, "Iris" hit the top spot. The week of December 5, 1998, Billboard eliminated the Hot 100 restriction, and "Iris" appeared at Number 9, months past its popular peak. It was nominated for Grammys in Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Performance By Duo Or Group. 
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April 1, 1966: The Troggs recorded "Wild Thing" at Regent Sound Studio in London.

The songwriter Chip Taylor made tons of money from "Wild Thing" because it's been recorded by many artists and is constantly used in movies and TV shows. He used a lot of this money to gamble and was kicked out of every casino in Las Vegas for card counting. He also wrote "Angel Of The Morning," a hit for Merrilee Rush in 1968.  
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April 1, 1969: The film Sweet Charity, directed by Bob Fosse and starring Shirley MacClaine, was released.

The classic dance scene from Sweet Charity, titled "The Rich Man's Frug," is classic Bob Fosse: creative use of hats + gloves, funky body positioning, and small isolated movements.

Sweet Charity movie poster 1969

His style was hugely influenced by his formative experiences dancing in burlesque clubs. He spent countless nights conducting research at strip clubs, fascinated by bringing that movement quality to Broadway.  
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April 1, 1984: One day before his 44th birthday, Marvin Gaye, Sr. killed his son.

In the days just before his death, an argument between Marvin Gaye's parents over a misplaced insurance policy letter spread to Gaye's bedroom. He told Marvin Sr to leave his mother alone.

Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye

At around 12:30 pm, on April 1, 1984, Marvin Jr.'s mother was upstairs in her son's bedroom. His father charged in to shout at Alberta, causing Gaye to jump out of bed. Gaye is said to have shoved his father out of the room. Minutes later, Marvin Sr returned with a .38 pistol and shot his son. 

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April 1, 1995: Nicki French debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 with a cover of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." 

Jim Steinman, who wrote Meat Loaf's hits "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" and "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad," offered "Total Eclipse of the Heart" along with "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" to Meat Loaf for his 1983 album Midnight At The Lost And Found. For financial reasons, Meat's record company wanted him to write his songs for the album, so "Total Eclipse" went to Tyler, and "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" went to Air Supply. 
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