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Music History Today: February 24, 2023

February 24, 1982: At the first annual Brit Awards held in London, the award for British Breakthrough Act went to The Human League

The Human League
The Human League
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February 24, 1962: Actor Robert Mitchum entered Billboard's Hot 100 with "The Ballad of Thunder Road."
Robert Mitchum starred in the movie "Thunder Road." The song tells the story of a moonshine runner named "Thunder Road" who is pursued by the police as he tries to make his delivery.

Robert Mitchum movie poster "Thunder Road." 

The lyrics describe the danger and excitement of Thunder Road's high-speed chase through the hills and valleys of Tennessee while referencing the moonshine trade and the lawmen who tried to stop it. 
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February 24, 1973: "Dueling Banjos" from the film Deliverance peaked at Number 2 on Billboard's Hot 100. 
"Dueling Banjos" was recorded two years before the movie was released. It was the first track on the soundtrack for the film and the only newly-recorded music.


Primarily due to its use in the movie, this is often associated with country bumpkins. The first few notes are often used in movies and TV shows to imply a hillbilly mentality. 
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February 24, 1975: Led Zeppelin released the album Physical Graffiti.
Physical Graffiti is a double album that features a mix of hard rock, blues, and acoustic folk music. Some of the most well-known songs on the album include "Kashmir,"

Led Zeppelin album Physical Graffiti 

"Trampled Under Foot," and "Houses of the Holy." The cover art is a photograph of a New York City tenement building with cutouts on the cover revealing different images behind each window.  
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February 24, 1982: Kim Carnes won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year with "Bette Davis Eyes." Initially recorded by DeShannon in 1974, Carnes' version spent nine weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Don't You Want Me
The Human League

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