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Music History Today: December 5, 2022

December 5, 2004: Band Aid 20 started a four week at Number 1 on the UK singles chart with a new version of "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Among others, it featured Chris Martin, Dido, and Robbie Williams.

Band Aid 20
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December 5, 1960: Elvis Presley started a ten-week run at Number 1 on the US album chart with "GI Blues," from the movie of the same name.

G.I. Blues marks the point when Elvis Presley's '60s begin. It's the first film he made after leaving the Army and it's the first of his many movie soundtracks.

Elvis Presley G.I. Blues movie poster

The film makes clear Col. Tom Parker's desire to move Presley from rock & roll and into the show biz middle of the road. Only a bold, rollicking run-through of Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes" could be called rock & roll. 
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December 5, 1973: Paul McCartney and Wings released Band On The Run.
Band on the Run is generally considered to be Paul McCartney's strongest solo effort. The album was also his most commercially successful, selling well and spawning two hit singles, the multi-part pop suite of the title track and the roaring rocker "Jet." On these cuts and elsewhere, McCartney's penchant for sophisticated, nuanced arrangements and irrepressibly catchy melodic hooks is up to the caliber he displayed in the Beatles. 
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December 5, 1981: The Police peaked at Number 3 with "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic."
True to their punk roots, The Police have some colorful and dysfunctional characters in their early songs. While "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" seems very endearing, the guy clearly has some issues, as he pursues a girl who does not return his affections. He might be crossing over into stalker territory as he resolves to call her up "a thousand times a day." 
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December 5, 2000: The soundtrack of the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" was released.
Chris Thomas King's character in the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? is based on blues musicians Tommy Johnson and Robert Johnson. His rendition of Skip James's "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" was recorded live during filming and included on the film's Grammy-award-winning soundtrack. 
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Do They Know It's Christmas?
Band Aid 20

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