Sunday, September 4, 2022

Music History Today: September 4, 2022

September 4, 1981: Beyoncé Knowles was born in Houston, Texas. She rose to fame in the late '90s as the central pop-R&B group Destiny's Child member.

Beyoncé Knowles
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September 4, 1959: Following the stabbing deaths of two teenagers by a 17-year-old in New York City, WCBS radio in the Big Apple banned all versions of "Mack the Knife."

September 4, 1971: Paul McCartney scored his second solo Number 1 hit in the US with "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey."
Albert, in Paul McCartney's  "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey,"  is Albert Kendall, who married Paul McCartney's aunt Milly. Albert had a habit of getting drunk and reading from the Bible; the only time he read from the Good Book was when he was drinking. 
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September  4, 1976: Fleetwood Mac's self-titled album made Number 1, knocking off Peter Frampton's Frampton Comes Alive.
Not only is Fleetwood Mac no longer blues oriented, it isn’t even really British. The two newest members, Lindsey Buckingham (guitar and vocals) and Stevie Nicks (vocals, acoustic guitar) are American, and all five members are now based in Los Angeles.  
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September 4, 1999:  "Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega entered Billboard's top 40 section on its way up the US music chart.
"Mambo No. 5" was originally done in 1952 by the Cuban-Mexican bandleader Perez Prado. Known as the 'King of the Mambo,' Prado recorded numerous mambos and when he ran out of inspiration, he would simply number them, and "Mambo No 5" was one of a series of 8. 
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Jumpin' Jumpin'
Destiny's Child

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