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Music History Today: September 8, 2022

September 8, 2000: The movie Almost Famous premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The soundtrack album to the film Almost Famous features some of the biggest hits from that time.

Movie poster Almost Famous
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It's a highly diverse collection of tunes from groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Yes and The Who. There's also classic stuff from solo artists David Bowie, Todd Rundgren, Cat Stevens and Elton John. 
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September 8, 1932: Country singer Patsy Cline is born in Winchester, Virginia.

Country singer Patsy Cline performed for nearly a decade before her breakthrough 1957 television appearance, singing "Walking After Midnight." 

Patsy Cline
Patsy Cline

She went on to many crossover pop and country hits and become one of the leading Nashville figures before her death in a plane crash in 1963. 
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September 8, 1962: Country music artist Marty Robbins topped at at Number 16 on Billboard's Hot 100 with "Devil Woman." 

No artist in the history of country music has had a more stylistically diverse career than Marty Robbins. Never content to remain just a country singer, Robbins performed successfully in a dazzling array of styles during more than 30 years in the business. 
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September 8, 1973: Ike & Tina Turner entered Billboard's Hot 100 with "Nutbush City Limits."

Tina Turner grew up in Nutbush, Tennessee. When she was 16, she left to live with her mom in St. Louis, where she met Ike Turner.

Nutbush City Limits album

When they started performing together in 1960, he insisted she take the name "Tina Turner," even though they didn't get married until two years later. 
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September 8, 1984: The Pointer Sisters moved into the top 40 section of Billboard with "I'm So Excited."

"I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters appeared in the movie Summer Lovers in July 1982, around the same time it was released on the So Excited album. Issued as a single, it went to #30 US, but in 1984 a new version of the song was released, this time climbing to #9. 
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