Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Music History Today: September 13, 2022

September 13, 1997: Chumbawamba entered Billboard's Hot 100 with their infectious hit "Tubthumping."

In England, a tubthumper is a politician. The US equivalent of tubthumping is "going on the stump" (campaigning).

Chumbawamba Tubthumping
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"To piss" has a different meaning in the UK than in the US - "Pissing the night away" would translate to "Drinking (alcoholic beverages) all night." To be pissed in England is to be drunk, to be pissed in the US is to be angry. 
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September 13, 1960: A movement to ban Ray Peterson's new single "Tell Laura I Love Her" began in the UK.

"Tell Laura I Love Her" by Ray Peterson was denounced in the press as likely to inspire a teen-age "glorious death cult." The story tells of a lovesick youngster who drives in a stock car race to win the hand of his sweetheart. He crashes and just before dying, groans out the words of the title.


August 9,  1971: Deep Purple wrote "Highway Star" on the way to show in Portsmouth, UK, where they played it that night.
"Highway Star" rocker is about a man and his love for his high-powered car, which he says can out-race anything else on the road. It spawned a sub-genre known as "speed metal," a division of heavy metal later popularized by bands such as Motörhead and Metallica. The song is responsible for many speeding tickets. 
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September 13, 1987: Michael Jackson started a five-week run at Number 1 on the UK album chart with Bad, his follow-up to the Thriller album. It stayed at Number 1 on the US chart for six weeks.

Michael Jackson Bad LP cover

September 13, 2003: Jason Mraz peaked at Number 15 in the US with "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)."
Jason Mraz wrote "The Remedy" for a friend of his who had just been diagnosed with cancer. The song is about not letting life get you down no matter what happens, and that you shouldn't waste your life worrying all the time, especially if you may not have very long to live. 
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