Saturday, August 20, 2022

Music History Today: August 20, 2022

August 20, 2005: "Axel F" was a Billboard Hot 100 single when Crazy Frog entered the chart.
Swedish Eurodance musician, actor and playwright Erik Wernquist created the CGI-animated character, Crazy Frog,

Crazy Frog
Crazy Frog

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The blue animated amphibian, known for riding an imaginary motorcycle while impersonating the sound of its engine, famously beat Coldplay to UK number one with his version of Axel F; the theme to the Beverly Hills Cop films. 
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August 20, 1966: Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" peaked at Number 2.
Bobby Hebb never attributed a specific inspiration for "Sunny", but the death of his brother, Hal Hebb (also a musician), on November 23, 1963 - the day after John F. Kennedy was assassinated - was a formative event in his life. He explained that the song brought him balance and hope for a brighter future. 
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August 20, 1970: Creedence Clearwater Revival's LP Cosmo's Factory hit Number 1 in the US.
Cosmo's Factory's first single was the working band's anthem "Travelin' Band," a funny, piledriving rocker with a blaring horn section.

Cosmo's Factory

Two more singles appeared prior to the album's release, backed by John Fogerty originals that rivaled the A-side or paled just slightly.  
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August 20, 1977: The Marshall Tucker Band entered Billboard's 100 with "Can't You See."
"Can’t You See" was from Marshall Tucker’s debut self-titled album.

Marshall Tucker’s debut self-titled album 

Written by their primary songwriter and lead guitarist Toy Caldwell, it is about a man trying to get as far away from his women as he can. It became the band's anthem, like Free Bird for Lynyrd Skynyrd. 
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August 20, 1983: The Italian music project Club House entered Billboard's Hot 100 medley of "Do It Again" by Steely Dan with "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. 

"Axel F"
Crazy Frog

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