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Music History Today: July 7, 2022

July 7, 1990: "Club At The End Of The Street" by Elton John peaked at Number 28 on the US music chart. 

Elton John
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"Club at the End of the Street" by Elton John was released on the album Sleeping with the Past. The song describes a night on the town between two lovers at a disclosed nightclub. John stated in 2013 on Rolling Stone that this song was one of his favorites. 
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July 7, 1973: Kris Kristofferson entered the Top 40 section of Billboard's chart with "Why Me." 

"Why Me Lord," written by Kris Kristofferson during a low period in his life, was inspired by Larry Gatlin's song, "Help Me Lord." 
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July 7, 1979: Barbra Streisand had a Top 40 hit when "The Main Event / Fight" moved from Number 47 to 33.

"The Main Event/Fight," a medley recorded by Barbra Streisand, is the title song for the movie, starring Streisand and Ryan O'Neal. The song became the first of two major disco-styled hits for Streisand, the other being "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)," a duet with Donna Summer. 
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July 7, 1984: Billy Squier debuted nearly halfway up Billboard's Hot 100, at Number 51, with "Rock Me Tonite." 

Billy Squier spent the early '80s on a hot streak, releasing two multi-platinum Top 5 albums (1981's Don't Say No and 1982's Emotions in Motion) in a two-year span. For a brief while, it looked like he'd end up being one of the biggest rock acts of the '80s — and then, in the summer of 1984, it all came crashing down when he released one of the worst videos ever made. 
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July 7, 1990: Faith No More made a big move, from 69 to 45, with "Epic."

Faith No More helped ferment a new breed of metal that could amorphously move between everything from funk, soul and R&B right up to thrash and hardcore. Rather presciently, the band weren’t entirely comfortable being lumped in with anybody else in the nascent funk or rap rock and metal camps however. 
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Club At The End Of The Street
Elton John

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