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Music History Today: June 9, 2022

June 9, 2001: Destiny’s Child entered Billboard's Hot 100 with "Bootylicious." 
Group leader Beyoncé Knowles came up with the "Bootylicious" title and helped write this song.

Destiny’s Child
 Destiny’s Child
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She got the idea when she heard the media's sometimes unpleasant comments about her weight and physique. She wanted to write a song that celebrated a curvy, voluptuous figure. It's about having confidence and knowing you are beautiful. 
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June 9, 1962: The title song from Dion's album, "Lovers Who Wander," made it to Number 3 in the US.
The LP "Lovers Who Wander" is a better-than-average early-'60s effort.


Besides the oft-anthologized singles "Lovers Who Wander," "Little Diane," "Sandy," and "(I Was) Born to Cry," it has some hot covers ("The Twist," "Stagger Lee," and "Shout") that Dion makes his own. 
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June 9, 1979: Elton John's former drummer, Nigel Olsson, had a Top 40 hit when his cover of "A Little Bit of Soap" peaked at Number 34.

June 9, 1984: Elton John's "Sad Songs Say So Much" entered the US chart at Number 49. 
"Sad Songs (Say So Much)" is the closing track on the 1984 album Breaking Hearts.

Elton John 984 album Breaking Hearts

It reached No. 7 on the UK chart and No. 5 on the U.S. chart.  The lyrics describe how it sometimes helps for someone who is feeling sad, or who has lost a partner, to listen to old radio blues classics. 
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June 9, 1990: Wilson Phillips took over at the top of the American chart with "Hold On." 
“Hold On” was featured on a four-song Wilson Phillips demo that started a bidding war between record companies. In 1989, the trio went with new label SBK Records. Their debut would produce four Top 10 hits, but none more enduring and massive than “Hold On.”   
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Destiny’s Child

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