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Music History Today: April 25, 2022

April 25, 1987: U2's fifth album, The Joshua Tree, hits Number 1 in America.

Rarely do bands touted as the Next Big Thing go on to become the next big thing, but from the start U2 had all the ingredients: an distinctive sound and an inexorable appetite for theatrics and experimentation.

The Joshua Tree U2 album cover
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Their album The Joshua Tree, incorporated all the great U2 trademarks but also added folk, blues and country. Lyrically, the album dealt with uncertainty and anxiety as it moved from personal topics to grave fears about American military and political power. 
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April 25, 1964: Roy Orbison skyrocketed into the American Top 40, from Number 60 to 28, with "It's Over."

"It's Over" by Roy Orbison typifies the operatic rock ballad. Billboard said of the song that "the drama-ballad king scores again with pathos and chorus and strings that build, build, build." Cash Box described it as "a throbbing, martial beat-like lover's lament that once again builds to a big finish" and praised the instrumental arrangement by Bill Justis. 
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April 25, 1970: Chicago finally broke into the Top 40 singles in the US with "Make Me Smile." 

"Make Me Smile" was the Chicago's breakthrough hit, in that its success triggered renewed interest in the group's two prior releases from 1969 which had previously failed to reach the U.S. Top 40. "Questions 67 and 68" had reached #71 that year, but on re-release in 1971 reached #24. And "Beginnings" had failed to chart in 1969, but on re-release in 1971 reached number seven on the Pop chart and #1 on the Easy Listening chart. 
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April 25, 1987: Prince's "Sign ‘o’ the Times" peaked at Number 3 on the US single's chart.

Prince 1987
Prince 1987

“Sign O’ The Times” is a jaw-dropping song, one in which Prince created an unstoppably funky groove mainly by fiddling around with a Fairlight synthesizer’s presets. Yet funkiness was a given with him; what really made the track a departure for him was its unsparing look at societal ills. 
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April 25, 1992: Weird Al Yankovic entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart with "Smells Like Nirvana."

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