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Music History Today: March 19, 2022

March 19, 1988: Icehouse had their first American Top 40 hit when "Electric Blue" moved from 44 to 35 on that chart.
"Electric Blue" was co-written by Iva Davies of Icehouse and John Oates of the U.S. band Hall & Oates.

Iva Davies of Icehouse
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Oates became involved with Davies after contacting him to state he was a fan. The resulting collaboration produced this song and Oates has stated that if Davies had not released the song under the Icehouse name then it would have been a Hall and Oates track. 
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March 19, 1966: The Rolling Stones peaked at Number 2 in the US with "19th Nervous Breakdown."
The song "19th Nervous Breakdown" was inspired by a comment lead singer Mick Jagger made to the other members of the Rolling Stones that he was on his "19th nervous breakdown" after days of frantic musical activity. 

The Rolling Stones 1966
The Rolling Stones's 1966

RCA Studios, where "19th Nervous Breakdown" was recorded, was a favorite recording locale for the Stones in 1965 and 1966. Three separate visits yielded classic tracks such as "Paint It, Black," "Let's Spend The Night Together," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Get Off My Cloud," and "Mother's Little Helper." 
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March 19, 1977: Boz Scaggs made a big move on Billboard's singles chart, from 72 to 37, "Lido Shuffle."
Boz Scaggs wrote "Lido Shuffle" with David Paich, who was also his co-writer on "Lowdown." The last single from Silk Degrees, this wasn't released until about a year after the album was issued. The first single, "It's Over," peaked in May 1976; "Lido Shuffle" didn't reach its chart peak until May 1977.
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March 19, 1983: Journey peaked in the American Top 10, at Number 8 with "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)."
"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" was written in 1982 during their Escape tour. It is not certain exactly when, or the first time it was performed live.
Journey 1983
Journey 1983

Some sources will claim that the first live performance of the song was in 1982 at the Day on the Green concert, where singer Steve Perry told the crowd, "We just wrote this song about two weeks ago." However, bootleg recordings exist of performances at least a month earlier at Chicago's Rosemont Horizon, where Perry also says the song was two weeks old. 
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March 19, 1994: "Now and Forever" by Richard Marx made it to Number 7 in the US.
Richard Marx wrote "Now and Forever" about his wife, actress Cynthia Rhodes. He has been quoted as saying: "I was working on the fourth album and realized I had not written a song addressing our relationship since we had gotten married and had three kids. I think this is one of those songs which was unique in that the verses are so specific to our relationship." 
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Electric Blue

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