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Music History Today: March 14, 2022

March 14, 1995: Collective Soul released their self-titled album and the track "December" as a single.

Straddling a line between '80s arena rock and jangling, '90s alternative pop, their Collective Soul's debut album was a pleasant affair that became a multi-platinum smash. 

Collective Soul self-titled album
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They don't tamper much with that sound on Collective Soul, but the results are every bit as enjoyable. The hits included the infectious "Gel," sarcastic, mid-tempo "December," and the lovely, soaring ballad "The World I Know." 
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March 14, 1966: The Byrds released the single "Eight Miles High."

The Byrds’ Gene Clark spent their first transatlantic flight looking out of the window, watching as the Californian sunshine gave way to the drizzle of London. As the plane made its slow descent towards the rain-lashed runway of London Airport, Clark’s muse kicked in.

The Byrds
The Byrds

 The Byrds returned to America with some lyrics about the trip.  When Eight Miles High was released in December 1965, it took little delving to identify the ‘rain-grey town, known for its sound’ as the London that Clark had observed from the plane. 

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March 14, 1970:  The Tee Set reached Number 5 on the US chart with "Ma Belle Amie."

Recorded in 1969 by the Dutch  The Tee Set, "Ma Belle Amie" was a pleasant piece of pop/rock first issued in Holland, where it sold 100,000 copies. The title translates to: "My beautiful (female) friend." The rest of the French part in the lyrics translates to: "After all the beautiful days, I tell you thank you, thank you." 
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March 14, 1975: Nazareth released the single "Hair of the Dog" from their LP of the same name.

After slowly but surely building a fanbase around the world with albums like Razamanaz and Loud 'N' Proud, Nazareth finally hit the big time in 1975 with Hair of the Dog.

Nazareth Hair of the Dog album cover

The title track sets the mood for this stark album of hard rock with its combination of relentless guitar riffs, a throbbing, cowbell-driven beat, and an angry vocal from Dan McCafferty that denounces a "heart-breaker, soul-shaker." The end result is a memorably ferocious rocker that has become a staple of hard rock radio stations. 
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March 14, 1981: James Taylor and JD Souther entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at Number 38. with  "Her Town Too." 

The subject of "Her Town Too" is the aftermath of a breakup of a long term relationship. Taylor has called it "a tender, well-meaning song about how difficult it was to be friends" with both parties after the breakup. Since Taylor's marriage to Carly Simon was breaking up at the time, there was speculation that the song was about their relationship. 
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Collective Soul

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