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Music History Today: January 11, 2022

January 11, 1992: Guns N’ Roses made a big move on the US music chart, from Number 64 to 41, with a cover of "Live and Let Die."
Guns N' Roses have never been shy about admiring classic-rock artists such as AC/DC, Queen and Elton John.

Axl Rose and Slash
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On Use Your Illusion I, the band honored another influence, Paul McCartney, with a cover of Wings' 1973 James Bond movie theme "Live and Let Die." 
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January 11, 1964: Shirley Ellis topped out at Number 8 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles with "The Nitty Gritty."
"The Nitty Gritty" was written by soul singer Shirley Ellis and her manager, Lincoln Chase. The pair also penned her hit novelty tune, "The Name Game." A 1963 televised performance of the dance by Robert Banas has over 14 million views on YouTube. 
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January 11, 1986: "Tonight She Comes" reached Number 7 on the US chart for The Cars.
"Tonight She Comes" by the Cars was released as a single from their Greatest Hits album.

Cars Greatest Hits album 

Written by Cars singer and guitarist Ric Ocasek, it was originally intended to for his solo career; however, the song was instead recorded as a standalone single. 
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January 11, 1992: "2 Legit 2 Quit" by Hammer made it to the Top 5 in the US.
"2 Legit 2 Quit" wasn't the smash hit MC Hammer was hoping for, but it did leave behind a popular catch phrase.

MC Hammer
MC Hammer

Even decades later, the title phrase remained a mantra of perseverance, and thanks to the music video, has a hand gesture to go with it. 
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January 11, 2000: Red Hot Chili Peppers released the single "Otherside."
Otherside by American Red Hot Chili Peppers was released in early 2000 from their comeback album Californication.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Rolling Stones cover

It was one of the first songs that the band had written together with their ex-guitarist John Frusciante. Frusciante quit the band because of a drug addiction. 
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Live and Let Die
Guns N’ Roses

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