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Music History Today: December 5, 2021

December 5, 1981: Queen and David Bowie make it to the American Top 40 with "Under Pressure."

Mere mortals might just get sloppy when drunk, but if you're David Bowie or the members of Queen, apparently you create musical masterpieces.
David Bowie
David Bowie
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Such was the case for their hit 1981 song "Under Pressure," according to the latest episode of Queen the Greatest, a 50-week YouTube series celebrating key moments in the band's history. 
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December 5, 1964: The Beatles had two singles entering the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the top 50: "I Feel Fine" at 22 and "She's a Woman" at 46.  
‘She’s A Woman’ was perhaps the first Beatles song to contain a drugs reference.

The Beatles
The Beatles

The Beatles had been introduced to cannabis by Bob Dylan on 28 August 1964. “Turn me on when I get lonely” was supposedly Lennon’s line; he later said he was pleased it wasn’t picked up by the censors. 
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December 5, 1964: The British invasion was on. Marianne Faithfull also entered the charts at Number 50 with a cover of the Rolling Stones "As Tears Go By."
The Rolling Stones’ “As Tears Go By” is a relatively-simple tune lyric-wise, which is based on the singer’s depression.

Marianne Faithful
Marianne Faithful 

The setting is that he is sitting somewhere, watching children play. And the implication is that under normal circumstances, just beholding them in jest would be enough to liven up his spirit. And it appears the children are indeed enjoying themselves. However, he is unable to smile due to his melancholy. 
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December 5, 1970: Badfinger, signed to the Beatle's Apple label, peaked at Number 8 with "No Matter What."
Badfinger were the band who, above most others, had a direct line to The Beatles, in the months immediately before and after the split of the world’s most famous group.


There’s no denying the huge boost the quartet received from the sponsorship of the megastars, both in terms of their record deal with Apple and in studio support. But on November 6, 1970, when they released the single “No Matter What,” Badfinger proved they could stand on their own two feet.  
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December 5, 1981: The Commodores peaked at Number 4 in the US with "Oh No." 
"Oh No" is from the 1981 album In the Pocket. Written by Lionel Richie, the song was his last hit with the Commodores before going solo. Similarities of the song's opening bars can be heard in Richie's 1981 duet "Endless Love" with Diana Ross. 
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Under Pressure
Queen & David Bowie

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