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Music History Today: November 5, 2021

November 5, 1971: Elton John released the album Madman Across the Water.
Trading the cinematic aspirations of Tumbleweed Connection for a tentative stab at prog rock, Elton John and Bernie Taupin delivered another excellent collection of songs with Madman Across the Water. 

Madman Across the Water album

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With most songs clocking in around five minutes, the record feels like a major work, and in many ways it is. While it's not as adventurous as Tumbleweed Connection, the overall quality of the record is very high, particularly on character sketches "Levon." 
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November 5, 1966: The Hollies were powering up the Billboard Hot 100 single's chart when, the week after entering it, they moved from number 76 to 43 with "Stop Stop Stop."
"Stop Stop Stop" is one of the few recordings by The Hollies that feature Tony Hicks playing the banjo, and was the only song with that instrument to be performed live by the group. 

The Hollies
The Hollies

The banjo was played through tape delay so that it sounds like a balalaika, while the tempo was similarly influenced by Middle Eastern and Greek music, which, combined with Bobby Elliott's vehement cymbal crashes, results in what critic Richie Unterberger describes as one of the most offbeat rock songs of 1966. 
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November 5, 1977:  "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Santa Esmeralda entered the US Top 100 chart.
"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" was written by Bennie Benjamin, Horace Ott and Sol Marcus for Nina Simone, who recorded the first version in 1964. A 1977 disco rearrangement by the Santa Esmeralda was first released in summer 1977 as a 16-minute epic that took up an entire side of their Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood album. 
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November 5, 1983: The Fixx made it to number 4 on the Billboard single's chart with "One Thing Leads to Another." 
"One Thing Leads to Another" is the most famous song by the London-based group The Fixx. 

The Fixx
The Fixx

It was in heavy rotation on MTV when the network was picking up steam, giving The Fixx a great deal of exposure stateside along with acts like Duran Duran and Eurythmics. The song is well-remembered by early MTV viewers.. 
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November 5, 1988: A cover of Jackie DeShannon's "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" by Annie Lennox and Al Green from the film Scrooged debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
The movie “Scrooged” stars Bill Murray as Frank Cross, a tormented TV network president who is approaching the Christmas season in a foul mood. He has cut himself off from everybody who loves him, he delights in criticizing and humiliating his colleagues, and he leads a lonely life, sitting in his high-rise office, watching TV and pouring down the vodka.

Scrooged movie poster

His idea of an effective promotional ad is one that scares viewers into watching. His next production will be a live, multimillion-dollar Christmas Eve performance of “Scrooge,” and we follow him through the wreckage of his life as he attempts to wreck the TV show, as well. 
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Elton John

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