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Music History Today: November 26, 2021

November 26, 1988: U2 peaks at Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 single's chart with "Desire."
“Desire” was the first single to be released from the album Rattle and Hum, U2’s soundtrack to their documentary/concert film of the same name. 

“Desire” U2
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The song gave U2 their first #1 in the UK charts, and made a strong impression on charts worldwide, as well. The album version of “Desire” was recorded at STS Studios in Dublin, although early footage of the band working on the song at Point Depot can be seen in the Rattle and Hum movie.  
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November 26, 1966: Wilson Pickett enters the highest up the US music chart, at Number 66, with "Mustang Sally."
Wilson Pickett was playing a show at New York’s Apollo Theatre in early 1966 when he heard his old Falcons bandmate Mack Rice performing the song Mustang Sally. Pickett asked for permission to record his own version and went on to turn what had been a minor R&B hit for Rice into one of the defining soul singles of the 60s.  
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November 26, 1977: Rita Coolidge makes it into the American Top 10, stopping at Number 7, with "We're All Alone."
"We’re All Alone” is a song penned and recorded by Boz Skaggs for his 1976 album Silk Degrees. 

Rita Coolidge
Rita Coolidge

It became a Top Ten hit for Rita Coolidge, who released a version from her album Anytime...Anywhere.  In 2005, Coolidge remade and re-recorded “We’re All Alone” for her album, And So Is Love, a jazz release. 
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November 26, 1983: "Crumblin’ Down" peaks at Number 9 for John Cougar Mellencamp.
"When the Walls Come Crumblin'" was the first single from Uh-Huh, Mellencamp's seventh album and the first one on which he used his real last name.

When the Walls Come Crumblin' John Cougar Mellencamp
John Cougar Mellencamp

After two albums as "Johnny Cougar" and four as "John Cougar," he had enough clout to wean off the stage names, but he kept the "Cougar" until his 1991 album Whenever We Wanted. 
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November 26, 1988: Yazz enters the US single's chart with "The Only Way Is Up."
Yasmin Evans, known as Yazz, is a British singer. She first found success as a featured vocalist on 'Doctorin' the House', a number six hit for Coldcut in 1988. 


Later that year, she scored the biggest hit of the year with the number one single 'The Only Way is Up'. She followed this up the number two hit 'Stand Up For Your Love Rights', while 'Fine Time' reached number nine. Her final top 40 hit was her Aswad duet 'How Long' in 1993. 
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