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Music History Today: October 10, 2021

October 10, 1983: Culture Club released the single "Church Of The Poison Mind" in the US.
"Church of the Poison Mind" by Culture Club was released as the lead single from their second, and most successful, album Colour by Numbers.

Culture Club album Colour by Numbers

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The song reached #2 in the United Kingdom, being kept out of the top spot by David Bowie's "Let's Dance." It was also the band's fourth Top 10 hit in Canada and the United States. 
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October 10,  1953: Stan Freberg's "St. George And The Dragonet" hit Number 1 in the US.
"St. George and the Dragonet" is a short audio satire. The spoof combined the tale of "St. George and the Dragon" with the popular 1950s radio-TV series Dragnet. Freberg used a variation of the line "Just the facts, ma'am." 
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October 10, 1970: At Number 62, "Cry Me a River" by Joe Cocker was the highest single entering the US Top 100 this week.
Joe Cocker remade Arthur Hamilton’s “Cry Me a River,” a 1953 torch song composed for Ella Fitzgerald to sing in the Jack Webb film Pete Kelly’s Blues starring Peggy Lee. 

"Cry Me a River"  by Joe Cocker

The piece wound up on the cutting room floor and was subsequently offered around to other producers. It wound up at Liberty Records, where chairman Simon Waronker hung his hopes for his fledgling label on sensual vocalist Julie London. 


October 10, 1987: REM made a bold move up the US Top 100 chart, from 57 to 43, with "The One I Love."
"The One I Love" was R.E.M.'s first hit song. Often misinterpreted as a love song, this is just the opposite. Michael Stipe describes this song as about using people over and over. It's deceptive because it could be a love song until the line, "A simple prop to occupy my time." This is not based on any real person or event. The band made up the lyrics while they were on a tour. 
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October 10, 1998: "Just the Two of Us" by Will Smith entered the Billboard Hot 100 at the highest end of the Top 20.
Will Smith created an album in 1997 named Big Willie Style which was his debut solo studio album released by Columbia Records.

Will & Trey Smith
Will & Trey Smith

One of the songs from the album, Just The Two Of Us, created a buzz among the audience as it beautifully touched the hearts of his fans. 
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Church Of The Poison Mind
Culture Club

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