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Music History Today: August 6, 2021

August 6, 1983: "Holiday Road" by Lindsey Buckingham entered the US Top 100 singles chart.
"Holiday Road" by Lindsey Buckingham  was written for the 1983 film National Lampoon's Vacation. 

National Lampoon's Vacation movie poster

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It was also used in the sequels National Lampoon's European Vacation, Vegas Vacation and Vacation. While the song peaked at only No. 82 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart during its original release, it has since become one of Buckingham's best known songs. 
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August 6, 1961: "I Like It  Like That (Part 1)" by Chris Kenner peaked at Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
"I Like It Like That" was  first recorded by Chris Kenner, whose version reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1961. It was kept from the No.1 spot by "Tossin' and Turnin'" by Bobby Lewis. This version also went to No. 2 on the R&B singles chart. The narrator of the song invites the listener to come with him to a happening spot named "I Like It Like That."  
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August 6, 1966: Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs made it to Number 2 on the US chart with "Lil' Red Riding Hood." 
"Lil' Red Riding Hood" is an updated version of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, with the lead singer portraying the wolf. 

Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

In this context, the singer is preying on the girl through lies and deception in an attempt to win her favor and take advantage of her. Written by Ronald Blackwell and produced by Stan Kesler, this was the second big semi-novelty hit for the Texas band Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs. Their debut hit "Wooly Bully" also made it to #2. 
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August 6, 1977: "Jungle Love" by The Steve Miller Band entered Billboard's Hot 100 single's chart.
Steve Miller recalled the last-minute rush to record “Jungle Love” for 1977 album Book of Dreams, after he heard it for the first time just before he completed work on the LP.

Steve Miller Band
Steve Miller Band

“‘Jungle Love’ was like a last, last chance deal,” Miller said. “I called Lonnie, and I said, ‘Lonnie, I’m mixing this album next Tuesday – if you don’t have your songs in they will not be considered. I’m telling you now.’ … And then, I’m finishing mixing and Lonnie walks in, says, ‘Oh, I got this little tape; I thought you might like to hear it.’ I went, ‘Lonnie, in seven minutes the album is done and I’m going on vacation… Alright, let’s hear it.’” 

August 6, 1988: "Hands to Heaven" by Breathe ended its run up the US chart at Number 2.
Breathe were that rarity, a British pop group who had more success on the American singles charts (five Top 40 hits) than back home (just the one). This was their sole UK Top 40 hit. The ballad was kept from the Billboard Hot 100 summit by another Brit, Steve Winwood's "Roll With It," which just wouldn't roll over and let "Hands" through. 
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Holiday Road
Lindsey Buckingham

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