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Music History Today: August 4, 2021

August 4 1973: Maureen McGovern's "The Morning After (The Song From The Poseidon Adventure)" hits Number 1 in the US for the first of two weeks.

The Poseidon Adventure was part of a wave of ’70s disaster movies. 

The Poseidon Adventure movie poster

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The Poseidon Adventure came two years after Airport and two years before The Towering Inferno. The movies got bad reviews but did good business, and if you watch them today, it’s hard to even stay awake until sh*t starts going bad because of the drippy, hackneyed melodrama of the early scenes. “The Morning After” comes from one of those early scenes. 

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August 4, 1958: "Poor Little Fool" by  Ricky Nelson starts a two week run at Number 1.

The publication of the first-ever Billboard Hot 100 is an occasion well known to devotees of Ricky Nelson. When the magazine published that historic first list for August 4, 1958, the pop idol, still only 18, stood proudly at No.1 with “Poor Little Fool.”

"Poor Little Fool" by  Ricky Nelson

Despite his youth, the star from Teaneck, New Jersey had already had five previous chart singles, which had yielded nine separate titles on the bestsellers with their double-sided success. Four of the five A-sides (“A Teenager’s Romance,” “Be-Bop Baby,” “Stood Up” and “Believe What You Say”) were top five hits, and several official B-sides were big favourites too, especially “I’m Walking.” 
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August 4, 1979: John Stewart peaked at Number 5 on the Billboard singles chart with "Gold."

John Stewart was a member of the Kingston Trio in the early 60s and wrote the Monkees’ #1 hit, “Daydream Believer.” He came from out of nowhere and scored a Top 5 hit in the summer of 1979 with “Gold.” He wrote “Gold” shortly after leaving the trio and teaming up with a pre-famous John Denver. 
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August 4, 1972: The movie Super Fly is released, along with a soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield.

The choice of Curtis Mayfield to score the blaxploitation film Super Fly was an inspired one. No other artist in popular music knew so well, and expressed through his music so naturally, the shades of gray inherent in contemporary inner-city life. 

Super Fly 1972 movie  poster

His debut solo album, 1970's Curtis, had shown in vivid colors that the '60s optimist had added a layer of subtlety to his material. For Super Fly, Mayfield wisely avoids celebrating the wheeling-and-dealing themes present in the movie, or exploiting them, instead using each song to focus on a different aspect of what he saw as a plague on America's streets. 

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August 4, 1990: Mariah Carey was atop the Billboard singles chart with "Vision of Love." 

Shortly after Mariah found out she would be signing a record contract with Columbia Records, she began to write ‘Vision of Love’ alone on a keyboard and later finalised it with Ben Margulies. A rough version was recorded in the back of Ben’s father’s cabinet making factory, where the songwriting duo had also recorded the famous demo tape which led to Mariah’s deal. Parts of the original demo recording, including the remarkable whistle note, remained on the final production and were used as background vocals. 
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 The Morning After
(The Song From The Poseidon Adventure)
Maureen McGovern

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