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Music History Today: July 9, 2021

July 9, 1977: The fastest-moving song on the US singles chart, from Number 60 to 47, was "Black Betty" by Ram Jam. 

In 1977, the band Ram Jam had the hit of their career with the song “Black Betty.” 

Ram Jam album cover

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The song was released on the band’s first album entitled Ram Jam. The song’s writing credit has been attached to the work of Lead Belly. .However, the credit to Lead Belly may not be one hundred percent accurate as Lead Belly’s recordings of the song were probably just in essence cover versions of a song that is pretty much untraceable. 

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July 9, 1966: The Rolling Stones had the highest debuting song on the Hot 100 singles chart at Number 70 with "Mother's Little Helper."

The Rolling Stones recorded “Mother's Little Helper” at the same sessions that produced “Paint It, Black,” “Lady Jane,” and other songs.

The Rolling Stones in Paris 1966
The Rolling Stones in Paris 1966

Released as a single only in the U.S., “Mother's Little Helper” peaked at Number Eight on the Billboard Hot 100. The song's lyrics are an indictment of middle class prescription drug abuse as an antidote to the drudgery of everyday life.

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July 9, 1972: King Harvest released the single "Dancing in the Moonlight."

‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ has been incorrectly credited to various singers, bands and songwriters; from Elvis Costello to Van Morriso. It was written in 1968 by Sherman Kelly for his band Boffalongo, but it wasn’t until 1972 when Kelly’s new band, King Harvest, covered ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ that the song really took off. 
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July 9, 1983: "Too Shy" by Kajagoogoo peaked at Number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

"Too Shy" was the first single released from Kajagoogoo's debut album White Feathers. The song was an immediate hit and reached number one on the UK Singles Chart for two weeks. It was also very successful in other European countries and Japan.


Assisted by heavy rotation on MTV, the song later became a success in the United States, peaking at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Too Shy" is Kajagoogoo's only significant hit in the US, where the band is widely regarded as a one-hit wonder. 

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July 9, 1988: Cheap Trick has their first Number 1 hit on the US music singles chart, "The Flame."

Legend has it that Rick Nielsen listened to the demo tape of “The Flame” once and then crushed the cassette under the heel of his boot. Nielsen didn’t just want to pass on “The Flame.” He wanted to eradicate it from existence.

Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick

Nielsen had been gigging for decades and his band Cheap Trick had tasted arena-rock glory. Ge had written or co-written most of Cheap Trick’s enduring classics, but by 1988, Cheap Trick were in an extended slump, and Epic Records, their label, was forcing them to bring in outside songwriters. Nielsen was not happy about this, but the song would become Cheap Trick’s first and only #1 hit. 

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Black Betty
Ram Jam

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