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Music History Today: July 18, 2021

 July 18, 1980: The soundtrack to Honeysuckle Rose by Willie Nelson and Family was released

The soundtrack to Honeysuckle Rose is an anomaly in the genre. 

Honeysuckle Rose with Willie Nelson movie poster
Honeysuckle Rose movie poster

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It is really a collection of songs by Willie Nelson and his Family band as well as a host of friends like Jody Payne, Johnny Gimble, Amy Irving, Hank Cochran, Jeannie Seely, Kenneth Threadgill, Dyan Cannon, and Emmylou Harris, all of it set in a concert-like atmosphere and performed live in front of an audience. Now it's true that Nelson is the hero of the movie, but the movie hardly matters when it comes to the soundtrack because it stands so well as a document on its own. 

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July 18, 1964: "The Girl from Ipanema" performed by Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto made it to the Top 5 in the US.

More than half a century after her bikini-clad body inspired a song about the Brazilian beach where she was a regular, the original "Girl From Ipanema" continues to stir curiosity.

Helo Pinheiro
Helo Pinheiro

Helo Pinheiro was a 17-year-old fixture on the Rio beach ("tall and tan and young and lovely") in 1962, when she caught the eye of composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, who along with poet Vinicius De Moraes would create the bossa nova classic. 
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July 18, 1964: "You're My World" by Cilla Black made a big move from Number 65 to 42 for the week ending on this date.

"You're My World" is a ballad originally recorded in 1963 as "Il mio mondo" ("My World") by Umberto Bindi, who co-wrote the Italian version with Gino Paoli. 

Cilla Black
Cilla Black

Although the original Italian version by composer Umberto Bindi was not a hit, even in Italy, the song came to the attention of UK record producer George Martin, who commissioned an English version to be recorded by his protégée Cilla Black. The English lyrics were written by Carl Sigman. 
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July 18, 1970: "Gimme Dat Ding" by The Pipkins made it in to the Top 10 at Number 9 on the US singles chart.

 "Gimme Dat Ding" was written and composed by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood. It's a call-and-response duet between a deep, gravelly voice, that of Tony Burrows, and a high tenor, that of Roger Greenaway. When Hammond and Hazlewood wrote and composed "Gimme Dat Ding," it was one selection from their musical sequence "Oliver in the Overworld," which formed part of the British children's show Little Big Time. 

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July 18, 1987: The "Funky Town" by Pseudo Echo makes it to Number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

A couple of years after Lipps Inc. had its only top 40 hit with “Funkytown”, the band Pseudo Echo was formed in Australia.  

Pseudo Echo
Pseudo Echo 

Per the group’s official bio, it began as a collaboration of school friends Brian Canham and Pierre Gigliotti, with others joining later. For reasons not explained, Pseudo Echo remade “Funkytown” in 1986.  Changing the title from one word to two*, Pseudo Echo gave the song much more of a pop-rock feel.  Their version was an immediate success in the band’s native Australia, spending close to two months atop the charts there. 

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On the Road Again
Willie Nelson

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