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Music History Today: June 7, 2021

June 7, 1980: "Cars" by Gary Numan peaked at Number 9.

For his Tubeway Army recording sessions, Gary Numan famously worked with his first analog synthesizer—the Minimoog, to be precise. 

Gary Numan
Gary Numan

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Over the next few albums, Numan’s comfort with analog synthesis grew. Where early recordings were full of monophonic synth lines, primitive even by Numan’s estimation, subsequent work utilized even more synthesizers, including polyphonic machines.  When recording “Cars,” arguably his most well-known track outside of “ME”, Numan deployed a Polymoog. 

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June 7, 1969: The Who released the single "I'm Free."

Pete Townshend has claimed that the song "I'm Free" was partly inspired by the song "Street Fighting Man" by the Rolling Stones.

The Who  1969
The Who  1969

"'I'm Free' came from 'Street Fighting Man.' This has a weird time/shape and when I finally discovered how it went, I thought 'well blimey, it can't be that simple,' but it was and it was a gas and I wanted to do it myself." 
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June 7, 1975: Elton John's Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy became the first album to debut at Number 1 in the US. 

Sitting atop the charts in 1975, Elton John and Bernie Taupin recalled their rise to power in Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, their first explicitly conceptual effort since Tumbleweed Connection. 

It's no coincidence that it's their best album since then, showcasing each at the peak of his power, as John crafts supple, elastic, versatile pop and Taupin's inscrutable wordplay is evocative, even moving. What's best about the record is that it works best of a piece -- although it entered the charts at number one, this only had one huge hit in "Someone Saved My Life Tonight." 
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June 7, 1980: Rocky Burnette's "Tired of Toeing the Line" peaked at Number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

"Tired of Toein' the Line" is a song by Rocky Burnette, who co-wrote it with Ron Coleman, former bass player of the Brothers Grim and The Everly Brothers. It was performed by Burnette, and contains lyrics detailing an imminent breakup from the point of view of a man who no longer wants to toe the line. 
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June 7, 1986:  "All I Need is a Miracle" by Mike + The Mechanics made it to the top 5.

Mike + The Mechanics
Mike + The Mechanics

"All I Need Is a Miracle" was the second single released by Mike + The Mechanics, following "Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)", which also reached the top 10. "All I Need Is a Miracle" featured lead vocals by former Sad CafĂ© vocalist Paul Young. 
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