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Music History Today: June 29, 2021

June 29, 2002:  Eminem's "Without Me" goes to Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

This tackling disco remarks the return of Eminem and his intentions to save the world from boring music with him away. It is one of his most successful tracks.


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The opening lines (two trailer park girls go round the outside) came from an Appalachian square dance song called “Buffalo Gals” and mocks underground artist Canibus. Eminem takes shots at his critics, such as former Vice-President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne, The FCC, Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC, Limp Bizket and Moby. 

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June 29, 1974"Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot is the Number 1 in the US.

When Lightfoot recorded “Sundown,” he’d only just gotten divorced the year before.

Gordon Lightfoot
Gordon Lightfoot
But Lightfoot didn’t write the song about his ex-wife. Instead, the song came out of his long affair with Cathy Smith, the notorious groupie and ex-drug dealer who would later do prison time for shooting John Belushi up with the speedball that killed him. 
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June 29, 1963:  Barbara Lewis peaks at Number 3 with her song "Hello Stranger." 

In the summer of 1963, a very smooth and sexy piece of music was being heard on the radio that was also rising on the pop charts.  

Barbara Lewis
Barbara Lewis

The name of the tune was “Hello Stranger” and it was written and performed by a 20 year-old named Barbara Lewis.  The music was distinctive for its time, in part because it couldn’t be easily characterized.  Lewis’ style was smooth and silky, and might be called “smooth jazz” or “smooth R& B” by some. 

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June 29, 1974: Olivia Newton-John has her first Top 5 hit when "If You Love Me (Let Me Know)" peaks at Number 5.

"If You Love Me (Let Me Know)" is a song written by John Rostill that was a 1974 hit single for Olivia Newton-John.

Olivia Newton John
Olivia Newton-John

It was her second release to hit the top 10 in the United States, reaching number 5 on the pop chart and number 2 on the Easy Listening chart.  It also reached number 2 on the Billboard country chart. 
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June 29, 1991  "Power of Love /Love Power" by Luther Vandross peaks at Number 4.

"Power of Love/Love Power" is a single by American singer-songwriter Luther Vandross. It was released on April 9, 1991 as the lead single from his 1991 album of the same name. 

Luther Vandross
Luther Vandross

The hit song spent two weeks at number one on the US R&B chart, and peaked at number four on the US pop chart, becoming his biggest pop solo hit. The song is a medley of two songs titled "Power of Love" and "Love Power." "Love Power" had been a minor hit in 1968 for the one-hit wonder R&B group The Sandpebbles. 

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Without Me

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