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Music History Today: May 4, 2021

May 4, 1999:  Smash Mouth released "All Star" as the first single from their album Astro Lounge. 

After the initial success of their debut single, "Walkin’ On The Sun," Smash Mouth returned to the studio to record the follow-up to 1997’s Fush You Mang at their new home on the major label Interscope. 

Smash Mouth
Smash Mouth

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"Walkin’ On The Sun" had been a divisive hit, luring in droves of new fans intrigued by its quirky, Farfisa-driven beach-blanket sound. At the same time, however, it alienated many of the band’s longstanding fans. 

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May 4, 1961: The Jarmels record "A Little Bit Of Soap."

New York-based Laurie Records was looking for an answer to The Drifters. They found it in the soulful sound of The Jarmels. They were five high school students who met while singing at Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia. Their second single, “A Little Bit Of Soap,”  went to #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. 
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May 4, 1964: The Moody Blues are formed in Birmingham, England.

The Moody Blues started out as one of the better R&B-based combos of the British Invasion. They made their debut in Birmingham in May of 1964. 

The Moody Blues
The Moody Blues

A major tour was quickly booked, and the band landed an engagement at the Marquee Club, which resulted in a contract with England's Decca Records .

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May 4, 1978: Jefferson Starship received a Platinum record for the album "Earth;" their last LP with Grace Slick and Marty Balin. 

As the 1970s were drawing to a close, Jefferson Starship was among the biggest bands in America. By the time Grace Slick and company fell to Earth in 1978, all bets were on the album being a bit hit.

Jefferson Starship
Jefferson Starship

Promotional dollars were pumped into the effort, resulting in the record selling nearly a million copies just a month after release, with the laid-back and country-tinged lead single, "Count on Me," soaring all the way to #8 on the Hot 100. 

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May 4, 1991: Twenty-five years after she first appeared on the UK record charts with "I Got You, Babe," Cher scored her first solo Number 1 single with "The Shoop Shoop Song."

"It's in His Kiss" was written and composed by Rudy Clark. It was first released as a single in 1963 by Merry Clayton that did not chart. 

Poster for the 1990 film Mermaids
Poster for the 1990 film Mermaids

The song was made a hit a year later when recorded by Betty Everett, who hit No. 1 on the Cashbox magazine R&B charts with it in 1964.  Cher's cover was cut for the soundtrack of her 1990 film Mermaids in which it played under the closing credits. 

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All Star
Smash Mouth

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