Saturday, May 29, 2021

Music History Today: May 30, 2021

May 30, 2000: Eminem's second major-label album, The Marshall Mathers LP, becomes the fastest-selling rap album ever when it sells 1.76 million copies in its debut week.

Eminem prowled down a long line of young men, each sporting close-cropped, bleached blonde hair, each dressed just like him.

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Floodlights lit up the empty avenue outside of Radio City Music Hall where the rapper marched into the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards with his army to perform “The Real Slim Shady,” the first single from The Marshall Mathers LP. 
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May 30,  1960: The Four Voices released "Sealed with a Kiss."

"Sealed with a Kiss" is a song written and composed by Peter Udell and Gary Geld. It first became a hit in 1962 for Brian Hyland. The original recording of "Sealed with a Kiss" was by the Four Voices which was released as a single in May 1960 without becoming a hit. Jason Donovan later had an international number one hit with the song. 
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May 30,  1970:  The Moments' "Love On a Two Way Street" peaked at Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the Number 1 R&B song.

"Love on a Two-Way Street" is a soul ballad written by Sylvia Robinson and Bert Keyes in 1968. The song was originally recorded by Lezli Valentine, an artist signed to All Platinum, the record label that Sylvia Robinson co-owned with her husband, Joe.

The song was then recorded by The Moments, an R&B vocal group signed to All Platinum subsidiary Stang Records, as filler for their 1968 album Not on the Outside, But on the Inside, Strong!. Sylvia and Joe decided to release the song as a single in March 1970 and it went on to become one of the biggest R&B hits of that year. 
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May 30,  1981: Marty Balin had the week's fastest-rising song, moving from 86 to 62 with "Hearts."

In May 1981 Marty Balin released his first solo album, called, fittingly enough, Balin. The first single from Balin, “Hearts”, was not written by Mr. Balin; instead, it was written by Jesse Barish, who had written for Jefferson Starship. A fairly straightforward song about the singer missing his former love and thinking of what he could have done differently, “Hearts” worked in the mishmash of genres that was pop music in 1981. 
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May 30, 1991: Metallica recorded  "Nothing Else Matters" for their self-titled album.

“Nothing Else Matters” is the eighth track from American rock band Metallica and their 1991 self-titled album.

Written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich from the band, the track was released in April 1992 and is one of Metallica’s most well-known and popular songs. “Nothing Else Matters” is a ballad about being honest with your feelings and expressing them. 

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