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Music History Today: April 25, 2021

April 25, 1987:  "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House peaked at Number 2 on the US Hot 100 chart.
Don’t Dream It’s Over is truly one of Neil Finn’s greatest penned songs.

Crowded House band
Crowded House
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It is often said that the song is in many respects Finn’s answer or tribute to Lennon’s cosmic ballad Across The Universe or more specifically the lyric about a paper cup. That of course doesn’t surprise Neil Finn fans, who are aware of the New Zealander’s admiration for The Beatles and how they went about their business as songwriters. 
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April 25, 1970: The Jackson Five achieved their second straight US Number 1 single with "ABC."
“ABC,” the Jackson 5’s second Motown single, is a totally, shamelessly formulaic work. Its melody isn’t too far-removed from what they’d done with “I Want You Back.”

The Jackson Five
The Jackson Five

The arrangement wasn’t much different, either. Both songs are fast and jittery and joyous, and both of them are driven by the overwhelming, exhilarated yawp of the 11-year-old Jackson and by the way that Michael and his brothers would euphorically bounce their voices off of each other. 
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April 25, 1974: The streaking fad hit its peak as Rolling Stone reported that Yes and Gregg Allman concerts had been interrupted by naked people running around the venues. The Beach Boys were streaked by members of their own road crew during a concert.
On April 2, at the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, a naked man ran across the stage as David Niven was reading an introduction.

David Niven April 2 Academy Awards

Niven was shaken but recovered his customary urbanity fast enough to quip, “Just think, the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off his clothes and showing his shortcomings.” The incident marked the high point—or low, if you prefer—of a practice that vied with Pet Rocks for the coveted title of Dumbest Fad of the 1970s: streaking.
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The Streak
Ray Stevens 


April 25, 1987: "The Finer Things" by Steve Winwood moved into the top spot on the Adult Contemporary chart.

"The Finer Things" is a 1987 song written and performed by Steve Winwood. It was released as the fourth single from Winwood's 1986 album Back in the High Life. It went to number one for three weeks on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1987 and peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100. 
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April 25, 1987: U2's fifth album, The Joshua Tree, hit Number 1 in America.
It was the April 27, 1987 cover of Time magazine that sent the incontrovertible message. 

Rarely at home to hyperbole, and more likely to focus its attention on matters of global political import, the venerable newsweekly ran a certain band name in flaming gold, embossed on a picture of four Irish lads who were in the process of rewriting the record book. “U2” beamed the headline: “Rock’s Hottest Ticket.” 
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Don't Dream It's Over
Crowded House

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